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YOBANK – proposal of a Bank for the Digital Generation

YOBANK – proposal of a Bank for the Digital Generation

November 24, 2017 6:53 am,


YOBankCoin is a cryptocurrency that has a value supported by the present market. In further terms, YoBank is a completely decentralized open code worldwide currency. The dealings will not be managed or supervised by the customary banking organization. The consumer at the present anonymously controls their individual funds. In assessment with Bitcoin, YoBankCoin’s dealings that are deposit, withdrawal, procure, transaction, transfers are established more quickly and have improved storage competence. YoBankCoin’s innovative prepared organization is safer than that of existing cryptocurrencies and is a lot simpler to use. YoBank may be used just similar to conventional money to pay bills or on the market to purchase, vend or trade for other currencies.
YoBankCoin’s schemes and thoughts on small, intermediate and extended terms are determined and audacious. The main concern is to make cryptocurrency available to every person. Token additional benefits 600000000 economic predict – traditional to estimate the numbers of the traditional predict, measured that 50% of the YoBank would be sold in the pre-sale and that the number of members would enlarge by 25% annual.
YoBank is the primary product obtainable by Yo International. It is presently a team of 53 people, men and women from the entire world who have a general objective: civilizing worldwide economic services by making simple the use of cryptocurrency in a mode that everybody can effortlessly incorporate it in the life.  Further, changes the economic world as at present knowing it.
By giving the communications for system-to-system infrastructure, YOBANK institution will act as a Trustee service and will be accountable for the organizing and implementation of compliance-related directions. Intended to understand a diversity of networks, the communications of YOBANK organization features multi-segment decentralized information storage for individual data, cryptographic encryption of all entries and protected methods of classification, confirmation, and authorization of individuals and companies by means of the organized instruments.
The information will be determined from all the controls associated with services of YOBANK Bank, Digital Pass and its confidential entities for advance processing and analysis. Due to the responsive environment of the information and to make sure the scalability in dealing out capacities, the assessment of information will be programmed by means of functional AI algorithms.

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