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WXRALLY–The Rising Star of Blockchain Industry

WXRALLY–The Rising Star of Blockchain Industry

July 31, 2018 10:52 am,

WXRALLY will start its Initial Coin Offering on 1 August, 2018. Its development direction and the only token WXR has aroused the public attention. We will explore these content in detail below.

  • Development direction

Firstly, our development direction is to create a dream factory of block chain, and to form a stable sustainable trans-Pacific global alliance with the like-minded block chain enthusiasts and geek hackers around the world. Now our planning involves two categories and three projects:

  1. digital money mall, which supports all valuable block chain projects and more than a hundred cryptocurrencies in settlement and shopping;2. Bitcoin futures; 3. community autonomous exchanges.

Our exchange has already been a mature project, and our team has members of long-term work experience at exchanges. We aim to work on a stable sustainable exchange first of all. Of course, this exchange is an autonomous exchange, and we are full of confidence in a project that can bring about stable profits to investors. We are not a nearsighted, greedy and arrogant team, so we firmly believe that the market will choose us finally and stand by our side. Moreover, we have many innovative ideas. But as the newly established alliance of block chain, we will calmly perfect our foundation projects step by step.

In addition, there is a query against external friendship organizations: will the digital money mall of WXRALLY completely copy the mode of Amazon? As for this question, all management layer personnel of our alliance have a very clear road map. Our CEO has working experience in many Global 500 enterprises, and especially the working experience from Amazon is quite precious. Our CEO Bevis has gained a deep understanding about the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, Bevis is also the outstanding core of management layer. The only thing in which we are the same as Amazon is customer obsession and data driven.

  • Analysis on WXRcoin and its application value

WXRALLY is the first new technology-based financial alliance that conducts synchronous operation for digital mall and autonomous exchange. WXRALLY attracted attention from multiple famous angel investment organizations once introduced. But with the vision of decentration, WXRALLY does not accept a single investment organization, but ties to decentralize the equities as far as possible.

WXR is set as the only digital token of WXRALLY. With the diversification of applications subordinate to WXRALLY and sequencing of management, the numbers of users, traders and investors rise gradually. When more and more people hold it, its scarcity will be increased substantially and the appreciation potential increased step by step. Therefore, as WXRALLY’s only digital token, WXR has a future value prospect worth looking forward to!

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