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Who is Roger Ver?

Who is Roger Ver?

Roger Ver is a famous Bitcoin investor, who is considered as the first person to invest in a bitcoin-based startup. Roger believes that Bitcoin is full of possibilities and is the greatest invention of the era. He also believes that Bitcoin Cash is a civilization changing technology which will take human freedom and prosperity to a whole new level. Roger Ver is one of those persons who strongly believes that Bitcoin has the ability to change the future of the monetary realm. He also strongly encourages other people to be more optimistic towards the digital cash. Roger is positive to the idea of insider trading, and considers it a non-crime. 

Silicon Valley, California

Roger Ver was born in the famous city of Silicon Valley, California. After dropping out of college, Roger started selling explosives in E bay without a license. This earned him 10 months of prison time, after which, he moved to Japan. His first venture after the E bay incident is Memory He was the CEO of the website. It was in the early 2011, when Roger Ver started investing in Bitcoin based organizations.

Investor and Entrepreneur

Roger is considered as the first person to invest in bitcoin. He invested in a startup called Bitinstant, created by Charlie Shrem. Later on, he invested in other bitcoin related startups like Ripple, Bitpay and Kraken. Memory dealers became the first company to accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. Because of all his efforts to promote Bitcoin as a staple form of money transaction, Roger came to be known as the Bitcoin Jesus. He wants bitcoin to be equally competent or even more efficient than the fiat currencies.  Roger Ver also helped in building the base of Bitcoin Foundation in 2012.

Bitcoin Cash

After the fork of bitcoin into Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a lot of people have come up favoring both. Increasing the block size was a strong suggestion made by Roger Ver during the earlier periods of Bitcoin. This increases the speed and efficiency of transactions. Bitcoin Cash has this exact feature, with a block size almost 8 times that of the earlier Bitcoin. It is more secure than Bitcoin. Roger Ver is a strong supporter of Bitcoin Cash. This has led to some of the recent controversies in the field.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and investment in Bitcoin based investments are profitable, if done judiciously. Roger Ver has taken the risk and is a firm believer of the potential of bitcoin. He has earned the reputation of being an angel investor, and has funded many bitcoin based startups. He also attends forums and speaks at various occasions on the merits and benefits of bitcoin as the future of currency.