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White Rabbit, for the fans and creatives of the movie world.

White Rabbit, for the fans and creatives of the movie world.

December 7, 2017 6:41 am,

White Rabbit is here, shaking up the world of live streaming with a giant leap, in a better and fairer way. It is a platform for those movie freaks out there who believe in unlimited choice because that’s what the platform provides for. It believes in rewarding people for their talent, passion and hard work.

White Rabbit says, “Stream it all, without stealing at all.”

The various features of the platform include:

  • It allows you to reward the films and series you stream.
  • It works with the blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain technology delivers transparency and expediency.
  • The technology ensures that artists receive their fair share.
  • The platform doesn’t distinguish between pirates and fans.
  • It believes that fans are forced to break the law to see their favorite films or series because they can’t pay for content.
  • The platform says that 60% of all the pirates don’t want to be pirates and are mere fans who want to pay but there is no legitimate way for them to watch.
  • Here comes White Rabbit into the picture, the platform gives the fans the way to stream unlimited films and series.

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This network has identified 5 main challenges to the film and series industry that they aim to solve. They are:

Challenge 1– There are only quite a few filmmakers who make money from digital distribution.

Challenge 2– Revenue lacks transparency and cash-flow immediacy.

Challenge 3– The piracy v/s fans challenge.

Challenge 4– There is less choice of content as closed server subscription services produce more of their own and buy less.

Challenge 5– The digital distribution paradox: a lack of competition in global digital distribution slows UI innovation. Yet, more subscription services mean more logins and passwords for users.

White Rabbit brings for you, the solution for all the above challenges:

  • It is a browser-plugin that recognizes the content you watch, without forcing you to subscribe to any one site.
  • By separating distribution from payment, White Rabbit offers one payment system, but exhibits infinite viewing experiences, at the same time.
  • The platform is blockchain supported and works with the help of smart contracts. So when streaming your favorite films or series, smart contracts will deduct a payment from you and transfer this immediately to rights holders.
  • The above feature also insures the rights holders completely from financial transparency. This is possible due to the blockchain.
  • Hence, we can say that the platform liberates creators and fans from closed server-based subscription platforms
  • So all in all, the browser network delivers unlimited choice in content for fans, along with incentives for an innovative streaming industry.
  • It strives to facilitate a sustainable business model for digital distribution and a fair and transparent future for artists, producers, and investors.

Token details:

Token symbol: WRT

Token standard: ERC20

Presale: 27th November 2017

Token sale: 1st Quarter 2018 -30 days sale

Soft cap: 5,000 ETH

Medium target: 12,500 ETH

Hard cap: 25,000 ETH

Token Price: TBA


Escape to a wonderland of entertainment.