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What is AirDrop?

What is AirDrop?

February 13, 2019 4:08 pm,

AirDrop is a not so famous application found in Apple products. This is most popular among iPhone users and even applicable in Mac and iPads. It can be basically understood as utility software like Share it or Xender, but the Apple version of the same. It is used to share almost anything from one Apple device to the other. It is commonly seen in mac operating systems and IOS and is developed and owned by Apple. It is much easier to use and can send files without any size restrictions over a small period of time. Even though it is simple and quick, the reach of the application is limited to only iPhone, Mac and other similar devices.

Why AirDrop?

The easiest way to transfer files from one person to another is through AirDrop. All you need to have is a strong Wi-Fi connection provided by the device and Bluetooth. This has to be in on mode between both the devices transferring the files. A firewall will be created between the devices and quick, hassle free transfer occurs. The main advantage of AirDrop is that there are no restrictions when it comes to the type of files to be transferred. One can send movies, music files, notes and almost anything through it. Normally, users go to text messages or WhatsApp to send files. The AirDrop option is often under-utilized.

How to use AirDrop?

There is the AirDrop icon present in the control center of iPhone device and select everyone option. Also turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of both the devices. The following procedures are quite similar to how we send normal files. You have to just select and send the files. It takes much less time and is also less troublesome. The files are transferred in encrypted form and this ensures additional security to the files.

AirDrop vs other utility software

There are a lot of similar devices available in android devices and are widely used by the customers. The main limitation of all these devices is that they take a lot of time in transferring the files and sometimes have restrictions in the type of files to be transferred. This has been completely eliminated in AirDrop as it allows really quick transfer of files and there are no such restrictions when it comes to the type of files to be transferred. Since the messages are encrypted, there is no need to fear about any security issues or threats to hackers. The firewall created around the users allows quick transfer of files and is much hassle free.

AirDrop is a useful and innovative application developed by the Apple and is gaining recognition among its users. If used to its full potential, AirDrop can solve a large number of problems associated with the safe transfer of files.

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