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WELL: Boon to Healthcare

WELL: Boon to Healthcare

May 10, 2018 6:50 am,

WELL is the marketplace of doctors and medical services based on blockchain technology that is accessible through mobile and offline locations. It provides access to the best healthcare solution to people around the world and fills the gaps in traditional healthcare systems.

It is basically a replacement for traditional healthcare by providing easy access to patients anywhere in the world to receive diagnoses, opinions, and preparation for treatment from a group of the best medical professionals in the world. It allows the patient to take control of their care delivery with personal assistance through telehealth services. The involvement of patients reduces cost as well as it results in the better outcome.

Problems faced by people in the traditional healthcare system are:-

  • Medical services are expensive or inaccessible.
  • Complicated billing of insurance or denial.
  • No access to highest quality care and medical opinion.
  • Record maintenance and security.
  • Fraud.
  • Reputation and Goodwill.

WELL is a solution to all the above problems in following ways:-

  • It patients receive access to healthcare services at any point in time and at any place.
  • With WELL there is no language problem as patients can receive medical support in their native languages from the best world-class doctors.
  • It has the low-cost business model which can reduce cost up to 30%.
  • It allows users to send and receive payment in a minute.
  • It facilitates to connect patients in any country to healthcare specialists through global telemedicine and local assistance services.
  • The WELL provides with a recordkeeping app which allows for simplified electronic record creation and stores the data on a decentralized network that is harder to hack and leak.
  • There is a requirement of proof-of-work, time/location, and records of all steps of a given patient’s service, from referral to billing.

As the global healthcare market is growing at a faster rate and people are now more concerned about health and their family well being this platform is like a boon to rich as well as poor people.

This platform is also a boon to doctors as well. It provides better work-life balance, guaranteed payment through WELL Cryptocurrency, can spend more time with patients with less work.