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wandx – Token sale and Pre-sale process

wandx – Token sale and Pre-sale process

October 2, 2017 8:56 am,

Early investor -> Whitelist -> Pre-Sale -> Token Sale. Total cap — 12500ETH. Update: Whitelist, Pre-sale is closed. Token sale whitelist open.

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We’re creating a whitelist of potential users and people in the community who have been following the project for a while. This whitelist consists of a list of addresses from those who have been following the project, along with the ETH that they wish to contribute. As far as contracts goes, we’re creating four sets of contracts: Token sale contract, Advisor/early investor agreement contract, Whitelist contract, Pre-Sale contract. The Tokens and ETH corresponding to each is shown below:

Token sale structure. This is designed to get early adopters and users a chance to contribute


Whitelist for agreed addresses — October 8th 2pm GMT

Whitelist after Pre-Sale — This is for investors who have followed and seen the project, but could not get in at the Pre-Sale stage. ETH will have to be sent one day before the Token sale time to a different address.

Pre-Sale — October 9th 2pm GMT to October 12th 7:30pm GMT. Those on the whitelist have to send Ether to a multi-sig wallet on October 8th.

Token Sale — October 22nd 2pm GMT to November 22nd 2pm GMT


The Ether address will be shown one day prior to both the Pre-Sale and the Token sale. We will not be exposing this address before that due to security measures.

How to send

At all stages, users will have to send Ether to the address shown on our Token sale page. We will update the address on our blog (, twitter, Facebook, and the Token sale page. Users will have to send Ether through Metamask/MEW/Parit/MIST. Do not send any ETH through exchanges!

When will you get the Token

Users at all stages of contribution will get Tokens after the end of the Token sale. We’re working on releasing the Tokens one day after sending ETH, but that would entirely depend on whether we can stress test our contracts before then, and whether there is a clog in the ETH network due to numerous Token sales going on.

How will you get the Token

Users will get the Token to the Ether address from which they have contributed.

What can you do with the Token

Our mainnet release date is November 2nd, but that could be subject to how quickly we can stress test the application. This application would enable users to create and trade a portfolio of ERC20 tokens with a single transaction. This transaction can be made in Wand tokens or Ether. Our transaction fee will be discounted for those paying the transaction fee in Wand. Every product that is created and traded will be incentivized through Wand Tokens. The Wand Token hence acts as an equivalent of a loyalty point.

What is the benefit to Token holders

Token holders can trade in our decentralized portfolio trading application with a discount for the first portfolio trading app that we will have. For the next application on the platform, which is the ETF, the ETF can be created on a portfolio through issuing an equivalent share value Wand Tokens.

Who can participate in the Token sale

Users can participate at their own risk. Please read our Terms and conditions and our privacy policy before participating.

Where are the Tokens tradable?

We are in talks with a couple of exchanges, but they will certainly be tradable on our platform.=, since we will release the Mainnet version before the end of the Token sale.

Which portfolios will be tradable?

We’ll create optimal portfolios based on the top 10 ERC20 tokens as per the algorithms given on our github — New Tokens can list on this platform through our registration form which will be available after the Pre-Sale date.

Where is the Team based

The core development team is based in Bangalore, India. The company WandX Pte Ltd is set up in Singapore with Abhinav Ramesh ( and Shyam Mamidi ( being the Directors.

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