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erc20 token portfolio trading through smart contracts

erc20 token portfolio trading through smart contracts

September 21, 2017 5:59 am,


WandX is a rationalized platform on the Ethereum blockchain.  WandX permits users to generate, and settle any financial device on crypto-assets. Using the Wand Token, operators can capitalize in ETFs, purchase cryptocurrency futures, and trade in illiquid assets through a portfolio of assets.

Wandx is constructed on the Ethereum block chain because of its smart contracting abilities, large system of miners and users. Also a large number of tokens previously have been distributed on Ethereum.  First product will be based on formation of derivatives on ERC20 tokens on Ethereum. Have six types of contracts – Data storing (d-gen), functionality enabler (f-gen), skill enabler (t-gen), settlement enabler (s-gen), rating enabler (r-gen), analytics enabler (a-gen). Composed creates a complete ecosystem to make, trade, view, and settle contracts. Issuers make the financial instruments, market makers and purchasers purchase these instruments, sellers close the loop and thus all the players together create the market for the instrument.

Problem statement

The difficulties that the WandX platform goals to solve are:

In what way can user’s privet risks that are inherent with cryptocurrencies?

How can users capitalize in numerous cryptocurrencies with a single transaction?

How can users increase even if there is a fall in the value of a cryptocurrency?

How to upturn the liquidity of volatile ERC20 tokens?

How can users make and trade digital resources recorded on a blockchain?

Several of these problems are presently being answered by centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto-asset management platforms. WandX would provide a decentralized solution to these difficulties existing with crypto-assets/cryptocurrencies.


WandX solves the above difficulties through providing tools to create, trade, settle financial instruments as well as permitting crypto-assets to be recorded on the blockchain.

Users can hedge risk inherent risks with crypto currencies by trading in portfolios of cryptocurrencies.  The product only permits trades in ERC20 tokens.

By trading in a portfolio of crypto currencies, users can obtain numerous cryptocurrencies with a single transaction. Using liquidate contract, users can transfer these cryptocurrencies into their account.

Shorting a stock in the traditional stock markets needs brokers to facilitate the deriving of the stock from someone keen to lend it. Shorting essentially permits users to gamble on the drop in price of the asset. This can be done using escrow contracts, or by procuring a put option on that particular cryptocurrency. The tools to write these choices or making these escrow contracts will be provided on WandX.

Formation of a portfolio of ERC20 tokens which also comprise highly volatile ERC20 token prices rises the liquidity of these tokens due to easier accessibility of the tokens as well as improved price discovery since of a greater number of trades of that token.

WandX offers tools to make tokens that can be backed by a digital asset, and these tokens can be traded on the platform.

Issue Crypto-assets

WandX would permit a user to record his/her asset(s) on the blockchain through a user approachable front-end for making tokens on Ethereum. These tokens would then characterize possession of the crypto-asset(s) which could be managed in one or more of the subsequent ways:

Retailed to crowd fund a future project (Artwork or whisky making)

Posted as security for a peer to peer loan

Packaged into an economic product with other risk bearing financial crypto-assets

Such transactions, along with the regionalized exchange, could be used to make markets for any crypto-asset, as labeled in the applications section.