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Wandx – Financial instruments on ERC20 tokens

Wandx – Financial instruments on ERC20 tokens

October 12, 2017 11:36 am,


Wandx is constructing the economic instrument infrastructure on the quickly increasing Ethereum token market. WandX is a proposal on which users can generate and operate financial instruments on ERC20 Tokens. With the Wand Token, customers can spend in smart contract based ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or produce or do business in a portfolio of ERC20 Tokens.

The WandX set of Blockchain developers, veterans of the economic services industry, and veterans in the Indian IT sector are structuring out the WandX infrastructure on Ethereum. The idea of WandX is to generate decentralized infrastructure for conception, trade, and resolution of any financial instrument built on ERC20 tokens. In the actual world, you have a variety of instruments on coins and possessions such as futures, options, securitization of income streams, debt instruments. With the quickly increasing crypto-asset space, wandx is constructing a policy on which anyone can make, trade, and resolve any type of financial instruments on tokens built on Ethereum. The first instrument is the portfolio; at present a prototype on the Ethereum test net that allows users to built and trade portfolios of ERC20 tokens, all the way through smart contracts and APIs, with a single business.

For the portfolio trading request, the objective market is alienate into two sides. The first side is the designers and retailers of these portfolios; they would produce these token baskets as it would facilitate them to vend the basket at a markup, as well as sell numerous tokens with a single contract. The purchasers are the second side; they would have the expediency of owning a portfolio that has exposed good income over the past. Every the trades would occur through smart contracts and APIs, which carries in another possible business model – associated with fiat-BTC/ETH exchanges. Exchanges could potentially use this APIs to facilitate their customers to trade in a multiplicity of ERC20 tokens as well.

Decentralized interactions facilitate trade between tokens; WandX goes a step additional and permits decentralized trade among financial instruments.  The initial economic instrument is the portfolio; customers can generate and trade portfolios of ERC20 tokens, therefore serving them to get around risk and spread their investments. This protocol for decentralized initiatives trade on ERC20 tokens will release in 3 months. Simple to use user interface, APIs that attach to smart contracts would assist user onboarding and rapid usage of the policy.

It– aiming a foremost net release of the portfolio trading function, besides with trade among portfolios, meaning that customers can exchange portfolios of ERC20 tokens among themselves. The platform would permit decentralized formation and trade of derivatives, ETFs, and portfolios built on ERC20 tokens. This would be completed throughout APIs and smart contracts. It would describe a protocol for decentralized derivatives trade in provisions of escrow and margin accounts. Intend to direct product across industries such as devotion points. Enable formation, trade, and completion of any financial instrument across blockchains and crypto-assets.

The business model for the primary portfolio trading application is a profit of the trade. The next application which would facilitate formation and trade of ETFs and derivatives would have a comparable business model, apart from that would also take a gain of creation as well. This is for the reason that has formed the APIs and smart deal infrastructure to facilitate simple creation and trade; added plenty of value during creating this smart indenture framework, therefore taking a percentage of formation as well. Plan to produce by associating with liquidity contributors who would be enthusiastic to deal with application, direct actual world use cases of Wandx platform, and quick track to develop into one of the primary decentralized platforms for financial instruments on Ethereum. With the amount of customers trading cryptocurrencies growing by the day, believe that it is fine poised to capture a sensible chunk of the alt coin trading market.