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Walmarts veggie tracking using Blockchain!!

Walmarts veggie tracking using Blockchain!!

September 26, 2018 7:19 am,

While many people fall sick due to contaminated vegetables especially due to the green leafy vegetables, Walmart decided they would use Blockchain database technology behind the bitcoin to keep track of every bag of spinach and head of lettuce. Walmart declares that the technology improves the system to pinpoint which bag is contaminated.

By this time next year, more than 100 farms that supply green leafy vegetables will need to input the detailed information about their food into a blockchain database developed by IBM. Several other retailers are exploring in the same line.

The blockchain industry has generated a lot of buzzes, investment, and experimentation. Central banks are also exploring whether it would be good and worth investing in and tracking money. Eastman Kodak also has gone to the Blockchain to allow photographers to manage their collection and have record ownership of their work, while a group of reporters and investors are using this technology to start own news publication. However, real-world uses bitcoin ie cryptocurrency while Blockchain is used to store transaction. Now, these retailers are trying to bring this to the benefit of the consumers.

This initiative has mainly two strategies:

  1. Bolstering digital savvy
  2. Emphasizing the fresh food to the consumers

IBM is trying to position as the leaders of emerging technology especially in Blockchain. It is competing with established companies like Microsoft and upstarts like Ethereum which has developed projects in finance and music industry.

The original Blockchain was the online database which stores all bitcoin addresses and transactions. The database is stored and maintained by volunteer computers. Since many computers are involved it is difficult to change the database. These have nothing to do with the cryptocurrency as such but are utilizing the underlying technology. The farmers provide all the details and thus easily identifying the contaminated veggies. People producing will have an entry point on the blockchain, signing off whenever they receive it and move to the next person.