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Viewly – the video blockchain for Content

Viewly – the video blockchain for Content

February 26, 2018 6:57 am,

Content creators and readers are one of the most appreciated pair as a whole. The creators provide the information, the sites provide a platform for such information to be gathered and finally, the readers are the one who use this information to purchase any type of product that the creators are offering. Viewly is a social video platform that provides the content without any ads (which create nuisance to the writers as well as the readers). It is a peer to peer video sharing and blockchain platform where businesses can lower their cost by eliminating the middlemen and the creators with small, medium or large audience can engage within themselves.

Currently, a lot of creators struggle to build and maintain sufficient ad revenue and finally, they recover only a small portion of the value they create. Even if the creators manage to build a strong network, they are at the mercy of the platform on which their work is displayed which can eventually, demonetize their content at any second. This can lead to the creators’ income suddenly slashing to nil. Here, Viewly does NOT demonetize the earnings but rather take only a symbolic cut from the creators’ earnings. Advertisements are really a chaotic nuisance which nobody can really avoid. When given a chance, almost everyone from the audience would skip it rather than read or watch it. Ad-based platforms distract the audiences and take away the essence of the actual work or content displayed. That is why Viewly does not serve ads. It aims to be ad free and removes manipulation by the advertisements. Instead of the pesky ads, meaningful engagement is created between the creators and fans.

Being a video blockchain, the primary cost of video platforms is global content delivery and the creators pay hosting and storage for all the content, even the ones which are not creating any value. Viewly does not only reduce the cost of the video delivery but it also enables users to earn VIEW Tokens by hosting these videos. The token of Viewly is the VIEW Token. The stakeholders – viewers and content creators, will need to hold a certain amount of token to ensure access to the platform functions and facilities. A maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens will be available starting on the 22nd February, 2018. One VIEW Token is equivalent to $0.45 USD. The token sale will end within a month (22nd March, 2018) or until the hard cap is filled ($12 million USD).