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Venezuela Dash adoption helps price surge!

Venezuela Dash adoption helps price surge!

August 30, 2018 7:00 am,

The condition of the crypto market has been improving since this week and has made further gains today. Bitcoin has led the rally by increasing by 3%. The entire top 50 altcoins have been in green by making few double-digit gains. Iota is the biggest gain in the top ten with 15%. It is taking off with a 23% surge to $179. This has happened due to the partnership with Kripto Mobile during an exclusive meeting held. This has led to the altcoins exclusive to the Latin America users to be accessed easily.

Dash CEO has stated, “Our partnership with Kripto will put all our components needed to use it preloaded into the phone of 10,000 new Venezuelan customers every month.” The so-called Krip phones have a “Dash wallet” to store Dash, services to obtain Dash and the Bitrefill app to enable spending on various services. This allows bringing the attention of both customers and merchants thus helping to grow the ecosystem. This environment also provides an easy method for transactions and also various other services. The users will also have specially made Dash community which acts as a dedicated helpline powered by Caracas-based Dash Help Me customer service.

The Dash InstantSend Technology will give users the same speed as that of credit card or debit card to execute but at a fraction of the cost. So, purchasing digital goods, phone refills, bill payments etc will be made swift and easy using the Bitrefill app.

The Krip mobiles are also available throughout at half the price of that of Samsung or Apple, making the offer highly attractive.

Bitcoin had been a very safe choice for those looking to escape fiat and a stable and secure cryptocurrency asset. Boliver became unstable and its net worth has eroded and led it to become unusable. This led to Venezuelans needing a place which is safe for their wealth and a currency that will function for the transactions. Also, compared to it, Bitcoin mining fees are high fuelling the need for another cryptocurrency.  Dash, in this case, has been able to capitalize on the market share by portraying its currency as a strong alternative for those looking up for a digital form of money.