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Vault bank, revolutionizing the banking industry for good.

Vault bank, revolutionizing the banking industry for good.

October 31, 2017 6:45 am,

Vault bank aims to combine the essentials of any financial instrument into one successful prime product. The essentials include financial industry expertise, machine learning talent, and revolutionary blockchain technology.

It is basically a cryptocurrency with blockchain platform which offers tokens for its expected functionality. These tokens are meant to restructure the investment strategies and techniques with the perfect liquidity exposure.

It provides for the below-mentioned characteristics:

  • Crypto compatible usability/debit cards: These cards will empower the users to select from multiple cryptocurrencies for use as tender.
  • Lowest transaction fees in the market: Users will be able to seamlessly make transactions in cryptocurrencies with worldwide acceptability.
  • Underlying? ?credit? ?portfolio? ?to? ?reduce? ?token? ?volatility.
  • Better yields: Attractive yields are possible with professional and experts attached to the game.
  • Quarterly token dividend returns: Now this is possible because of the insured diversified portfolios.

Speaking of the tokens, we have:

The Vault bank token represents a non-voting share in the total funds and provides each token holder with dividends, which can be stated as an equitable interest in the underlying performance of the portfolio of credit assets.

Symbol: VB

Total supply: 240,000,000

Minimum investment: 10M

Initial price: $1.00= 1VB token

Pre-sale date: November 3, 2017.

Pre-sale discount: 15%

Sale date: November 9, 2017.

Hard cap: 20M pre-sale / 100M ICO


The use of these proceeds is bifurcated as:

For funding= 80%

For development= 17%

For operations= 3%

The platform works in order to maintain the solvency and security expected of any major financial institution through a team with decades of experience managing trillions of dollars for the largest investment institutions around the world.

However, there are certain risks attached to this investment platform:

  • It is of speculative nature.
  • No assurance about the fund achieving its objectives.
  • Investors may incur losses.
  • The firm may not be able to achieve its desired levels of leverage or the average yield.

The token sale is regulated and governed by the securities laws of both, the US and Singapore.

Go; turn your right to participate in the token system, on.