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October 13, 2017 5:24 am,


The UNION system is decentralized mobile promoting proposal with Blockchain technologies, it possess peer to peer platform, it has cryptocurrency UnitLife and its mining scheme.

The mobile proposal, which joins counterparties in one product, encourage customers to purchase goods and services from associated businesses, charging a payment for every buyer in the form of the UnitLife internal currency, which the customer can switch for goods on the site or from associate companies in DISCOUNTS. As well the reliability system functions in form of encouraging its customers by UnitLife currency.

Innovative CashBack proposal UNION

The initial decentralized proposal makes use of Blockchain technology, is prepared with tools developed for the disabled customers, instruments for managerial marketing, and it possesses Marketplace Union-Market. The proposal, at the same time as joining the counterparties in a single project by means of mobile applications, inspires the customers to buy goods and services from the counterparties by Cashback profits as well as the UNION house currency UnitLife. The latter can be switched for goods at or all the way through the system of partner company’s mobile applications, like UnitLife and FindGet. In addition, upon switching their UnitLife on the gamble tickets, the customers have a chance to take part in the gamble where a variety of devices and an apartment can be drawn to assist those in require by placing cryptocurrency UnitLife on the applicable accounts.

 The partner-companies:

It put forward the subsequent system of trade business to union parter-companies:

The partner-company lists on the proposal, accordingly, accepting all the conditions and situation of the UNION system. On the individual online account, while using the online wallet, the associate purchases UnitLife EPUL (Exchange Price UnitLife the market price of the UnitLife) on the market for fiat money at the level market fee. The worth of EPUL is considered by the price of UnitLife at that very instant, so, immediately turning fiat money into the practical one. This cash is collected in the system and are selected for the reliability instruments intended for the customers who buy goods and/or services from the colleague.

P2P proposal for loan service

The UNION system is to offer the customers with the opportunity to provide and borrow money in UnitLife currency. This will be completed by P2P currency switch system. Based on the customer’s action with regard to attainment, expenses, and transfer of UnitLife, the platform will develop the instrument to give loan services for buying goods in UnitLife currency. This will facilitate counterparties, effective exchange offices and additional market players to protect their commerce connections on their own and with the help of the MarketPlace Union Market. These days, people in the developing countries moreover do not have right to use to loan services or loan itself is escorted by a very high-interest rate. At the same time, the financial systems of the developing countries do not give depositors with an excess of offers. Therefore, will help both parties through the global P2P loan service while giving way credits to both the customers and the partner-companies within the UNION system, permitting anyone who needs to get a credit to register on the MarketPlace and place a demand for a loan in cryptocurrency.