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Trilliant: ATM for Cryptocurrency

Trilliant: ATM for Cryptocurrency

May 30, 2018 11:30 am,

Trilliant ATMs is manufactured by crypto capital AG which is based in Switzerland. Just like regular and traditional bank ATMs, Crypto ATMs offers users the ability to purchase Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin by inserting cash or by debiting credit or debit cards. On the other hand, users can also easily sell the Cryptocurrency to withdraw cash.

The objective of Trilliant is that it facilitates everyone to participate in Cryptocurrency transactions and acquire partial ownership of one of the Trilliant ATMs and enjoy monthly profit shares from the operation which is independent of crypto volatility. This ownership program is known as fractional ownership program. Each ATM is divided into fractional ownership units starting at $100 each. These ownership units are based on off- blockchain legally- binding revenue sharing contracts which can be purchased on Trilliant website using TRIL tokens on a first come first serve bases. 2% of the revenue generated by ATMs are divided between the numbers of units and paid out to the unit owners on a monthly basis.

Some of the Features of Trilliant are:-

  • It facilitates in two way money handling that means all machines have both pay in as well as payout options.
  • It Implements access to ICOs directly at ATM.
  • It has state of art touch screen, card reader and a pin pad, which allow Cryptocurrency purchases via debit/credit cards.
  • It has a Front camera which allows advanced KYC as well as other security measures.

TRIL tokens are ERC20 based smart contracts, which assist in buying ownership right of fractional ownership units. TRIL token offers the following advantages to the users:-

  • TRIL tokens reduce the fees. Anyone can use TRIL to cover parts of transaction fees.
  • TRIL spent on transactions will be burned, reducing the overall supply of TRIL. With an increasing number of ATMs operating and generating profits, demand for TRIL will also rise.

Basically, Trilliant is building the infrastructure for Cryptocurrency revolution. It has become a booming and profitable business.  It charges transaction fees between 5- 15%. Trilliant aims to build a network of over 500 ATMs which will be strategically located in key emergent geographies. Trilliant will be connected to a number of major exchanges. They will each support a large proportion of coins in the market for buying, selling and the ability to use ATMs to invest in an ICO.