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Travelflex – a blockchain for Wanderlust and more

Travelflex – a blockchain for Wanderlust and more

January 11, 2018 5:50 am,

Wanderlust is a hidden attribute in one’s life. No matter how later a person realizes that he does like traveling (not only to and fro from their workplace to the comfy bed), he travels. Now, carrying hard money (cash) and checkbooks are too cliché (including your credit cards), so soft money like cryptocurrency can really be a substitute. Hard money can be damaged easily but soft money always exists in the virtual world. Yes, there are issues regarding security but the advancement in technology has taken care of that no doubt. Travelflex is such a blockchain platform that brings a HUGE change in the travel industry.

You may be wondering where you’ve heard this name from? Well, Travelflex has been derived from its very own Travelflex ATM card. This gives rise to a very special feature which most of the cryptocurrency blockchains do not have – a Physical Travelflex Card of its own. This is one of the most ‘posh’ blockchains ever because it has social features like chat boxes and Near Field Communication (you’ll be able to chat or communicate with TravelFlex users NEAR YOU).  One of the biggest problems a traveler faces is the conversion of the currencies. Whilst traveling, some amount of money will have to be paid as conversion fees but Travelflex solves that problem as well. The exchange rates are lower than a lot of countries.

Travelling can be a mischievous event especially when anything gets stolen or merely lost. This happens almost everytime with money. It comes to the rescue here because every cheque the user withdraws, it can only be used when he or she put in their very own personal pin code. Having a pure heart is a plus point for every organization, so is for Travelflex which gives you an option to donate 2% of your coins to a charitable fund.

Every business has its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). For Travelflex this had started on the 14th December 2017 and will end on the 12th January 2018. A total of 95,000,000 coins will be offered for sale with 5,000,000 reserved for bounty programs. The coin is TravelFlex Coin represented by the abbreviation (TRF). You may have noticed that Travelflex jumped straight onto Crowdsale without hosting a Pre-sale to which they justify with the logic that they do not want people to hold cheap coins just to sell them when the ICO begins. 1 TRF is equal to $0.28 USD.