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June 6, 2018 6:48 am,

TowerBee is the decentralized application which deals in token known as TowerBee Token (TBE).  These tokens are built on ERC20 ethereum blockchain and are used to pay for services that we offer. It is dedicated to delivering unique online services that help clients to manage their businesses. It offers smart contracts that guarantee system transparency and high speed.  The main benefit of TowerBee is that it works within their budgets to deliver top-notch software packages which are reliable and affordable and do not compromise with quality. This platform benefits those who want to take part in booming Cryptocurrency industry.

Some of the existing products of It are CRM, Business Email, Email Marketing, Audio Video chat with screen share facilities etc.

When a buyer pays using TowerBee (TBE) token, 50% discount is automatically applied to the transaction fees. When a buyer pays using any of other 500+ cryptos, 50% discount will be applied if the seller has TowerBee token in his account.

Features of TowerBee Tokens are:-

  • Digital Assets: The TowerBee tokens are earned, traded, purchased and sold on it. It is secure, immutable, and cannot be duplicated and they can be used to pay for products and services.
  • External exchange: TowerBee tokens can be purchased, sold and traded on the world’s leading exchanges.
  • No interference by the third party: There is no interference of third parties that’s why acquiring and transacting in TowerBee tokens are cheaper.
  • Security: TowerBee runs on a tamper-proof platform of Ethereum so clients do not have to worry about theft.

Benefits of TowerBee are:-

  • Affordability: We deliver custom-made software packages to clients which are on a budget.
  • Security: TowerBee offer guaranteed and tamper-proof services.
  • High-quality Products: Products and services are of high quality and best in IT support.
  • Discount: Payment of TowerBee services with its token offer high discounts.
  • After Sales Support: TowerBee offer after sales services to clients which help in building a relationship.