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Top Cryptocurrency exchanges of 2019

Top Cryptocurrency exchanges of 2019

January 18, 2019 5:48 am,

The last few years have seen tremendous growth in the popularity and usage of digital currency among the people. Cryptocurrency has become a household term and more and more people have begun to invest in them. Be it through ICOs or through mining, crypto coins are collected and exchanged by the users. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the places where people can trade their digital currency for any other resources like ordinary cash or even other forms of cryptocurrency. There are two types of exchanges, one being Fiat exchange and the other is C2C exchange. The cryptocurrency list shows the top altcoins that are trending and most valuable at a particular time. Some of the top cryptocurrency exchange sites of 2019 are as listed below:

1. Coinbase

Coinbase has a pretty simple and easy to use interface that helps the beginners to get along with the exchange without much difficulty. Yet another advantage of Coinbase is that one can buy crypto coins directly from the exchange site. This makes the process all the easier. The transaction fee is also comparatively low. The only drawback of Coinbase is its lack of altcoins.

2. Binance

This is a Hong Kong-based exchange that mainly concentrates on C2C exchange. It means that the users exchange one crypto coins for other and not fiat currency. The trading volume is very high, making it one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges. Binance also has their very own coin known as Binance coin allowing the users to buy and exchange from the same place. The transaction fee is completely eliminated here.

3. Kraken

Reliability is the key feature of Kraken. This exchange too has a very user-friendly interface making it easy for beginners to carry out the process. It is also the most advanced of the cryptocurrency exchanges. The level of security is also very high and the users can confidently carry out their exchanges here. Kraken has 15 other altcoins apart from Bitcoin in its site, making the transactions diverse. The liquidity is also very high and the transaction fee is comparatively low.

4. Gemini

This New York-based exchange is one of the very few exchanges that offer the users with very high security during the exchanges. Like other top sites, Gemini also promises low transaction fee. The drawback of Gemini is that it only has three currencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fiat currency. This brings down the liquidity rate but nevertheless, it is still one of the best of cryptocurrency exchange sites available.

5. Bitstamp

If you are a beginner and is looking for a simple and quick exchange site, then Bitstamp is the one for you. With all the traditional features like high trading volume, high liquidity, low transaction fee, and high security, Bitstamp is one of the safest choices to carry out the business. The cryptocurrency pairing is also very high in this site.

Before choosing an exchange, the users have to keep a few things in mind. They should make sure that the Cryptocurrency exchange site has high liquidity, high security, economic transaction fee and so on.

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