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Top 4 most trusted mixer reviewed 2019

Top 4 most trusted mixer reviewed 2019

March 19, 2019 8:13 am,

Bitcoin tumbling, mixing or laundering is a process that has become so popular today. It involves third party services that are used to break the connection between bitcoin transactions.  In the end, there is no connection between the sending address and the receiving address.

Bitcoin is not fully anonymous. The transactions can be connected and traced back to the account that sent it.

The good news about bitcoin is the low fees, faster transactions and you are almost anonymous. The problem however is that anyone with a full blockchain can see transactions from everyone, including yours.

To avoid such inconveniences and possible theft of your bitcoins, you need a way to hide your transactions. And that is where the mixing services come in. in essence, they take your bitcoins, hold them for a random period of time the send it an account you have chosen. They send you the same amount of bitcoins from a different account.

Best bitcoin mixing services reviewed

This is another great service that have proved trustworthiness. It is simple and charges a fee of 2-5 random commission for every transaction. You can always choose the fee you want to enable faster or longer transactions.

No logs are stored in anyway and they can help with unfinished transactions. They also provide affiliate programs for those who wish to earn extra.

Bitcoin blender is a simple site that may not have the decorations of other similar services. It has a very simple web design. However, it offers the same great services and enjoys wonderful reviews like any others out there.

It was launched in 2014 and offers two account types:

  • The quick mix which requires no login. But you get limited control
  • Login account. This is a better one in terms of more control. You need to login.

It can be accessed only through the Onion URL. The 2-factor authentication provides extra security.

Chipmixer is by far the most unique of the mixing services. This is because of their time travel feature. It uses a unique approach of create wallet>pre-fund it>receive unclean coins> access. This is how the pre-funded wallet process is, far from the normal receive unclean coins>send clean coins.

You can spend the clean coins before the unclean coins are sent to the mixer. It funds the wallets with chips, and not bitcoin, which are just private keys. You can also bet these chips.

They use a unique fee structure where you ‘pay what you like’. It adds more anonymity by randomizing the fee. No logs kept after 7 days.


Trust is essential for any bitcoin tumbler to be termed functional. This is why we selected only the trusted services in this review.