List of Cryptocurrencies in the World Performing Better in Cryptomarket now

List of  Cryptocurrencies in the World Performing Better in Cryptomarket now

January 19, 2018 6:10 am,

In this modern era, the virtual world is growing at an explicable rate. The markets are expanding and the world moving forward. We are now all well aware of the crypto-world, so we might as well as polish our fingertips on the various types of cryptocurrencies. (The following numerical data is based on today’s[19/01/2018] research and value. The values are to have differed daily)

  1. Bitcoin – This is the most common and widely used cryptocurrency. It is represented by BTC. It was the very first decentralized digital currency in the world. It has a market capital value of $196,934,790,812 with the supply of 16,810,625 BTC worldwide
  2. Ethereum – This is also a very common cryptocurrency. It is represented by ETH or Ether. Being released on 30th July 2015, it has made a market capital of $103,836,901, 674. There are 97,060,161 ETH
  3. Ripple – it’s represented by XRP. Ripple has a market capital value of $63,056,864,928 with 38,739,142,811 XRP out there.
  4. Bitcoin Cash – This has the symbol of BCH and a market capital of $31,142,090,029. There are currently 16,918,613 BCH worldwide
  5. Cardano – Cardano is on the top 5 of the most happening and used cryptocurrencies worldwide. Being represented by ADA, there are 25,927,070,538 ADA, making a market value of $17,666,861,427.
  6. Litecoin – in a humorous way, we can say Litecoin is Bitcoin’s little sister. It is represented by LTC and has a market value of $10,885,893,011.
  7. NEM – The current market capital raised by NEM is $9,921,599,999
  8. Stellar – stellar is represented by XLM and has 17,890,880,148 XLM worldwide which results in a market capital formation of $9,728,148,190
  9. NEO – there are 65,000,000 NEO tokens out with $9,722,505,000
  10. IOTA – closely resembling a chemical icon, there are 2,779,530,283 MIOTA forming $8,191,525,902
  11. DASH –  There are 7,825,585 DASH tokens, this forms upto $6,788,297,153
  12. EOS – EOS has made $6,488,847,829 with 611,480,520 tokens into the public
  13. TRON – TRON is represented by the symbol TRX. Currently, it has built up a market value of $5,898,099,402
  14. Monero – sounds a lot like money, this cryptocurrency has the symbol of XMR. There are 15,617,411 XMR building up to $5,252,317,254
  15. Bitcoin Gold – being from the bitcoin family, it has a symbol of BTG – with 16,771,536 BTG out there resulting in the market capital of $3,385,351,331.

Now, these are the top 15 Cryptocurrencies out there. Be full of knowledge while investing and using them.

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