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Top 10 key people in the Bitcoin industry.

Top 10 key people in the Bitcoin industry.

Bitcoin has revolutionized the realm of digital currency since its first appearance as a crypto currency in the year 2009. It has become one of the most trusted digital currencies with a market capitalization of 21M dollars. People have begun to start investing in bitcoin based startups through crowdfunding like ICO. Like any other successful venture, bitcoin had some key people work for it. The top 10 key people in the bitcoin industry are as below:

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

He is the creator of bitcoin. He also carried out the first mining of the genesis block, adding to the block chain mechanism. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown, but he was an active participant in the mining of bitcoin, correcting any flaws and answering to queries. He disappeared in 2011, but because of the pivotal role he played in the development of bitcoin, he is still remembered as the most important person of bitcoin.

2. Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is an American computer scientist, who has made significant contributions to the field of digital currency. His contributions can be considered as a precursor to the development of bitcoin. In 1998, he invented something very similar to bitcoin, known as bitgold, which was a decentralized digital currency mechanism. Unfortunately, this was not brought to action.

3. Gavin Anderson

Gavin is believed to be one of the close associates of Satoshi Nakamoto, and has played a pivotal role in the development of the bitcoin industry. He was the people, who help develop the bitcoin code alongside Nakamoto. Anderson also has access to the alert key of the website. After Satoshi Nakamoto, he can be identified as the closest associate of the Bitcoin.

4. Roger Ver

He is the first person to invest in bitcoin. Roger invested in a bitcoin based startup, and has taken several steps to increase the flow of bitcoin currency in the virtual world. He was one of the first persons to accept bitcoin as a mode of transaction. People can buy things using bitcoin in his online store. Roger has also done a lot more for the bitcoin industry, and strongly believes that it is going to take over the monetary world real soon.

5. Vitalik Buterin

Buterin is famous for the development of Ethereum project, which has its own token, known as the ether or ethereum coin. He also happens to be the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Buterin has written articles on bitcoin, prior to his involvement with ethereum. Even the printed version of the magazine was available to the readers soon after the acceptance and popularity of bitcoin as a staple cryptocurrency.

6. Marc Andreesen

An entrepreneur and a software engineer, Marc Andreesen is one of the biggest investors in bitcoin based startups. His firm, Andreesen Horowitz invested 50 million dollars in one such startup. But the most important contribution of Andreesen is his famous article titled “Why Bitcoins Matter”.

7. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the inventor of Litecoin, and was the Director of Engineering of Coinbase. Even though he works with altcoin firms, the main area of wok of Charlie was in the field of Bitcoin. He is one of the key persons who is worth mentioning when it comes to the field of development of bitcoin industry.

8. Don Tapscott

One of the most powerful and influential names when it comes to Bitcoin is necessarily, Don Tapscott. He is the author of the best-selling book, Blockchain revolution. This book gave insight to the complex world of cryptocurrency, making the information available to anyone interested. He is also the Executive Director of Blockchain Research Institute, which is kind of like the governing body of blockchain.

9. Andreas Antonopoulos

He is known as the Ambassador of Bitcoin, and is a very well-known public speaker. He is the author of “Mastering Bitcoin”, which can be considered as a beginners guide to learn the nitti gritties of bitcoin. Being a public speaker, he uses his talent to speak to the larger audience about the ever growing applications and bright future of Bitcoin.

10. Alex Tapscott

Alex is the son of Don Tapscott, and is the CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures. He, along with father Don Tapscott, co-authored the famous book, Blockchain Revolution. Alex also has written many significant articles regarding the bitcoin.