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October 22, 2017 9:28 am,

Moscow-based startup Tokenbox has scheduled its crowdsale for October 24, 2017. This sale will fund their unique ecosystem, designed to bring cryptocurrency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers, traders, and investors. The sale is expected to raise $20 million for the development of infrastructure and key partnerships.

Tokenbox is a broad financial investment and trading platform designed to easily facilitate new investments in the rapidly-evolving crypto-assets and market classes. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform will seamlessly manage investors’ funds and portfolios, while offering a plethora of crypto-based portfolios to invest in.

As a tokenized investment fund, Tokenbox will assist everyone from major institutional investors to well-informed and qualified individuals in creating fund taking stakes in either cryptocurrencies or in crypto-based businesses. Coupled with built-in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures and other compliance features, the platform is set to swiftly establish itself as the go-to digital investment in any portfolio.

Tokenbox provides a secure and integrated gateway into the banking and financial system through a decentralized platform. It also facilitates entry into the digital economy by letting investors exchange fiat currencies and other classical payment systems for cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as conducting reverse exchange operations through its multi-currency wallet support.

A key feature of the Tokenbox platform is its transparency and rating features:

  • Transparency enables users to audit funds through smart contracts and provides providing API access for other developers
  • Ratings system helps investors make balanced and informed investment on the platform based on profitability of strategy employed, description of strategy, and risk management

All processes within the fund are transparent. Participants are connected to fund pool through the purchase of smart contract issued tokens upon receipt of investment and shares. Tokenbox fund works like the classic mutual fund analogy — investing in a wide range of quality crypto assets. Return on investment is automated and there is no minimum or maximum entry threshold for investors.

Tokenbox is backed by a seasoned team and a wealth of experience in successfully launching and managing crypto-asset investment projects like the popular Token Fund and CryptoTrader applications from Zerion.