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Through Imtoken wallet, DAGT is Focused on Technological Development to Provide Blockchain Technical Support to Financial Institutions

Through Imtoken wallet, DAGT is Focused on Technological Development to Provide Blockchain Technical Support to Financial Institutions

June 12, 2018 9:28 am,

Digital assets like Bitcoin are intensively sweeping across the globe, the blockchain, which is its underlying technology, has also begun to expand on a global scale. At present, some blockchain solutions have gradually moved from concept to practice. In the future, blockchain applications will
become more diversified, and their decentralized, transparent, open, and irrevocable functions will also be replicated in many areas. Blockchain will usher in a more comprehensive period of development.

In this context, DAGT (Digital Assets Guarantee Token) came into being. DAGT is a decentralized credit pledge platform for digital assets created by the Singapore Nonprofit Foundation (GRANDDREAM). Using Ethereum’s public blockchain technology and smart contract technology, DAGT will successfully connect with digital asset holders with capital needs at the C-side and B-side compliant loan financing institutions to provide them with blockchain + financial services. On
the one hand, DAGT uses blockchain technology to be untamperable, decentralized, and establishes new features of transfer and storage assets through distributed ledgers, redefining the value of borrower assets, completely eliminating the need for trust in the loan-making process. . On the
other hand, DAGT is based on the open and transparent smart contract of the Ethereum public blockchain platform, which further strengthens the trust and collaboration with lending institutions.

Throughout the credit grant ecosystem, users can use DAGT and ETH to pay for credit service fees to obtain financial services provided by the financial institutions that DAGT has partnered with. It is reported that DAGT is currently in deep talks with MarkerDAO, one of Ethereum’s earliest decentralized autonomous organizations and member of the Ethical Contract System and Ethereum Community Fund. It is expected that DAGT users can also choose to use MakerDAO’s stable currency, Dai, for payment in the near future.

Unlike other projects built purely on hype, DAGT aims at technological development, and already has recognition and support from several institutions? which is quite different from a lot of digital assets on the market. DAGT also has confirmed cooperation with DappReview, a decentralized App review site, and will be listed on it after DAGT goes online; users can check and search DAGT to get information on the project, like active users, trade, and volume etc, and also can download, and sign up. DAGT will be one of the few Dapps functioning in the world, and solve user’s blockchain and financial problems, and be the tool and bridge connecting real life and the future of blockchain. DAGT has also been recorded in IMtoken, and can be searched, and added by users now.

The development of DAGT’s technology has always been proceeding according to schedule. Currently, DAGT’s APP, TPGS (Digital Asset Pledge Credit System), DAAD (Digital Asset Automated Trading System), Oracle’s oracle service, data and API services have all begun to enter the testing phase. It is reported that DAGT is currently communicating with an exchange to confirm the on-line process and how to match technology.

DAGT is also proud of its powerful background and team. DAGT has strong technical, marketing and global operation teams, that have years experience and successful achievements in blockchain, financial institutions, and community operation. At the same time, DAGT continues to attract outstanding blockchain technical talents and is determined to make DAGT a professional, trusted, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent, extremely mobile, and inclusive platform.

The time for blockchain has come. Blockchain technology will be applied to different scenarios in different industries, like Internet security, Securities trade, Insurance, logistics etc. and will topple
traditional business modes completely. Applying blockchain technology to digital assets loan field.  DAGT applies blockchain technology to the digital asset loan sector, redefining the value of
borrower assets, eliminating the need for trust in the loan-making process, and ultimately achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

For more details, please visit DAGT’s official website and keep following our social media platforms.

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