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Things Are Looking Very Bright for Kepler Technologies

Things Are Looking Very Bright for Kepler Technologies

May 28, 2018 10:13 am,

Things are seeing very cheerful for Kepler Technologies. After raising an initial 2.7 million dollars in finance through its Community Building Stage, a superior occasion for the crypto community to contribute in the early stages of pre-ICO, recording for keplertek’s pre-Sale happening over 48 hours ago. In this small amount of time, over 1.1 million of the 4.000.000 KEP tokens for sale have previously been kept, motioning very high request for the continuing tokens. As of right now, it is still conceivable to get whitelisted and reserve tokens, with the actual sale starting on May 29th. The sale will last three weeks, it is though very likely that all tokens are sold significantly sooner – don’t miss out on this distinctive chance.

The smallest investment during pre-sale is between 0.18 and 0.20 ETH, scaling depending on present market circumstances, with no extreme asset amount being set – this means you can make full use of the huge 30% bonus on all consumptions. Moreover, depositors who place an order will obtain an additional 5% bonus if they obtain the full amount of tokens they signed up for. The value of Ethereum at the moment tokens are kept, will be the Ethereum price depositors will pay during pre-sale. Kepler chose to hold the sale this way in order to confirm that everyone has the golden chance to contribute to the formation of the upcoming.

Not only is Kepler launch to raise up thoughtful hype all around the crypto world, the group is also working very hard to attend foremost Blockchain meetings all over the world. After having contributed in conferences in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Armenia, Kepler’s devoted team moved to central Europe for Blockchaineum, a one-day event in Budapest, Hungary. Mari Shubalidze, head of HR, and David Nozadze, head of marketing, held a stunning speech which further highlighted Kepler’s huge potential in the future of start-ups. The next stop and your next chance to get to encounter the people after this project will be Blockshow Europe in Berlin, additional much-admired event. It has to be stated that all this is trendy while over 50 hard-working and interested team members are functioning around the clock in the company’s Tbilisi office, sometimes even snoozing there.

Keplertek invites depositors from all around the world to contribute in the pre-sale and use the chance to fund to a progressive upcoming.