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The Top 7 ICOs with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The Top 7 ICOs with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

March 7, 2018 12:08 pm,

2018 is proving to be a breakout year for ICOs. In just over 2 months, we’ve already seen almost $2.7 billion raised from the 67 ICOs launched so far this year. Overall, projects are well on track to outpace last year’s fundraising, in which 210 ICOs brought in $3.88 billion.

However, ICOs can be a risky proposition for potential investors. According to, 59% of ICOs from 2016 can be designated either as failed or semi-failed. Thus, it is crucial to be informed. Those who invest after looking into the viability of a project, rather than listening to the rumors surrounding it, will end up on top.

Here’s a look into 7 promising ICOs that have something to show for what’s written in their white papers.

The Top 7 Most Promising ICOs that have a Minimum Viable Product

#1 Decentralized News Network

ICO Start Date: April 2, 2018

Decentralized News Network (“DNN”) is a decentralized news platform that arrives when needed most.  Fake news began to draw public attention in the run up to the 2017 US Presidential election and remains a major issue in 2018.  With Google and Facebook both acknowledging fake news as a major organizational hurdle to overcome in 2018, the climate is ripe for DNN to rewrite the way the news is consumed.

DNN relies on consensus amongst content reviewers, rather than a central authority, to determine what should be published. An extensive review process allows for fact-checkers to validate writer submitted content for overall accuracy and legitimacy. All users on DNN are rewarded for their collective actions, thus establishing a community that thrives on incentives. DNN currently has an alpha product and will be beginning its beta testing when the public sale ends.

#2 TrakInvest

ICO Start Date: Live until March 7, 2018

TrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social trading platform, aimed at teaching people how to invest. Investing is generally something that people do before they have the basic knowledge of what they’re doing, and so TrakInvest provides a virtual trading platform where novices can learn techniques from successful traders using dummy trades. With a real-world trading certificate, the support of local governments, and a user base of about 100,000, TrakInvest has a promising user pipeline.

The ICO closes very soon, and TrakInvest looks well-positioned to hit its hard cap. As it seeks to bring blockchain into its platform, monthly subscriptions from its users will support TrakInvest’s internal token, which will be used to reward top traders for sharing their trades.

#3 Repux

ICO Start Date: March 6, 2018

Repux seeks to bring AI to small and medium enterprises. Through its platform, users will be able to collaborate to share ideas and business solutions. AI developers then will incorporate this data and create algorithms and applications. Repux has done a great job targeting its niche so far. It has a leg up over the majority of ICOs, given that it had a successful presale and has a working product to show.

#4 Agro Tech Farm

ICO Start Date: After March 9, 2018

When Canada legalizes recreational cannabis this July, it will open a market that could be  worth over $20 billion. As US states continue on the legalization trend, the $10 billion in legal cannabis sales generated in 2017 is sure to grow. Agro Tech Farms is ready to seize this momentum beginning with its flagship product, the ATF Home Grower, which is an indoor fruit, vegetable, and cannabis cultivator the size of a refrigerator. It uses LED lights that mimic natural sunlight to make seasonal food harvestable any time.

The ICO is being held so the product can be brought to Canada, where they would be the only competitor. Investors in the ICO can receive a discount and expect to make their investment back in 8 months. Additionally, ICO investors will be able to repurchase tokens frequently and convert tokens to stock at a later date if they so choose.

#5 Mobilink

ICO Start Date: March 15, 2018

Mobilink pays you for viewing ads on your smartphone and uses the revenue to first reduce the cost of voice and data usage, leaving the rest as profit to the consumer. Who would have imagined that instead of paying for smartphone use, instead you could be making money?

As long as you have an unlocked phone, you can use Mobilink. It runs on an international SIM card, which provides unlimited free international calling and data to people in over 150 countries due to the company’s connections with prominent mobile providers. 2 million SIM cards are set to be released immediately following the ICO, regardless of how it goes. This is good for ICO investors, who will be poised to benefit from the start.

#6 RxEAL

ICO Start Date: March 12, 2018

RxEAL is bringing the blockchain to the rental markets. The company is securing leasing and rental deposits in the real estate and automotive industry via smart contracts.  The project aims to greatly improve operational efficiency for the rental arms of property developers and multi-unit landlords.  This means an end to those, over the allotted mileage disputes.

Even before fraud enters the picture, renting can be quite horrible for all parties in a transaction. Security deposits, which take far too much necessary cash, often get lost, inevitably leading to disputes. Take the UK for example, where lost security deposits amount to GBP1 billion each year.

By using smart contracts, RxEAL is trying to fix this nightmare. Third party arbitration is used to resolve security deposit disputes, simplifying matters for lessor and lessees alike at a significantly lower cost. It has over 30,000 members in its Telegram group, and immediately after the token sale, it will onboard its first round of clients.

#7 Open Source University

ICO Start Date: June 4, 2018

The state of modern-day education poses many challenges to society today. While the “education pipeline,”—in which students move from secondary schools to universities and eventually into jobs—has been one of its foundations, this system is quite flawed. Employers struggle to find the ideal candidates for their positions, and students seeking employment struggle to find jobs that match their skills and interests. Verifying the legitimacy of student and institutional credentials is also a challenge for employers.

Open Source University wishes to simplify this process using blockchain to help employers locate qualified candidates, and help students access a broader variety of courses at different institutions. With records verified on the blockchain, academic fraud will become virtually impossible.

This project is well-positioned to reduce the cost of education as well as lower certain barriers to entry. International students spend $37 billion each year to attend college in the US, and as college acceptance becomes more selective, many students are not being admitted to the schools of their choice. This market is ripe for disruption.

Profiting from ICOs

These are only a few of the many ICOs that are coming this year. With more projects launching comes more opportunities for smart investors to make large payoffs. Though you should absolutely research your own picks, hopefully this list can be useful to you as you assemble your portfolio.