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Te-Food, for the right to know what you’re eating.

Te-Food, for the right to know what you’re eating.

December 19, 2017 6:31 am,

Te-Food works with a primary goal to improve food safety, fight off corruption, support fair trade, and build trust between the food supply chain companies, consumers, and authorities in the emerging markets.

Te-Food was originated in 2016 and has been implemented in Vietnam. As a farm-to-table solution, this network tracks the items through the whole supply chain (farm, slaughterhouse, wholesaler, retailer) and provides equipment to both consumers and authorities to gather food history and food quality insights.

The team believes that building a sustainable business on food safety is much more efficient to make difference than any type of aid.

A few of the defining features of the Te-Food platform are:

  • It is indeed real, with a ready product and live operations. Te-Food has an established company background with 21 years of business history along with great news coverage.
  • Huge market presence: Te-Food has $15 Billion food traceability market, with the largest growth in the emerging countries. Also, possesses an active governmental support.
  • The platform is creating an enormous social impact by way of decreasing food frauds, improving public health, mitigating overuse of antibiotics in food animals and migration caused by climate change.

It basically helps all companies related to the fresh food supply chain to manage logistics and food-safety related data in their operations. Identification tools of various technologies are applied to livestock, transports, and fresh food packages to follow the items throughout the whole supply chain. Also, Te-Food enables fresh food products in retail to be traced back to their origins together with food-safety related information.

The various elements of Te-Food include:

  • Identification tools
  • B2B mobile app
  • Farm management app
  • Consumer mobile app
  • Consumer kiosk
  • Livestock registry

Along with the already existing tools, Te-Food wants to extend their functionality by adding decentralized transaction ledger, food safety sensor tools, a marketplace, animal face recognition, etc.

The varied tractions taking place at Te-Food are:

  • 10,000 pigs per day
  • 200,000 chickens per day
  • 5M eggs per day
  • 6000+ business consumers
  • 10,000+ people trained in one year
  • 30M people served

Token details are as follows:

TeCoin represents the identity and information data of tracked items.

The members at Te-Food that are the supply chain members and consumers; pay with tokens for transactional fees, and value-added item information and are paid for using the Consumer mobile app and read food product QR codes, respectively

Token name: TeCoin

Token symbol: TEC

Token standard: ERC20

Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 TEC

List Price: 1 TEC = USD 0,05

Hard cap: USD 16,000,000

Accepted payment options: ETH and BTC

Public sale start date: 08.01.2018

Public sale end date: 15.02.2018



The allocation of funds is as follows:

  • 60%- Market expansion
  • 25%- Research and development
  • 10%- Operations
  • 5%- Legal