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Talentoken: Bringing Religions together

Talentoken: Bringing Religions together

May 1, 2018 6:14 am,

TALENT™ serves as a bridge between leaders and believers of religion. TALENT™ is an ethereum-based DApp for protecting the freedom of religion. Talentoken (TAL) is an integrated token for various religions used on the TALENT™ system.

Problems to which TALENT™ acts a solution:-

  • Religion plays a very important part of human’s life. It has been one of the factors that have so far influenced the culture and behavior of humans. Even in modern society itself, people believe in religion. They are ready to accept every religion and the freedom of religion is one of the important rights that should be ensured. But somewhere people still are facing the problem of practicing their own religious ceremonies or the people of some particular religion are not accepted by the society.
  • In this fast-moving world where time is an important factor, it is very difficult for a busy modern person to take time to go to a religious institution and to engage in religious activities.
  • In existing method, donations are usually received directly in cash and in special cases, they are deposited in the account. At this time, believers want some transparency to know how fairly their offerings are being used, or how much of the donation is being collected by the institution.

There comes the TALENT™ and Talentoken (TAL). The benefits which it provides are as follows:-

  • It ensures freedom of practicing religious ceremonies without disrupting any other religion. It is a network-based religion system and enables various religious activities such as religious offerings, missionary activities and sermons. Believers of religion can conduct religious activities according to their own wishes without restrictions on time and space, and leaders can operate the religious institution regardless of the type and size of religion.
  • Talentoken (TAL) is a religious token for donations and missionary activities. Believers can make a donation without restriction of time and space to the desired religion or institution. It also ensures transparency to where donations are being used.
  • The leaders of religion can gather believers without having an actual physical space.

Overall TALENT™ offers two types of services for believers and leaders. Firstly, believers can search for religious institutions registered in TALENT™, choose religion organizations, and apply for membership to the religions and secondly leaders can establish the religious institution and establish basic religious functions.