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Taklimakan Network, the blockchain based investment platform launches the crowdsale

Taklimakan Network, the blockchain based investment platform launches the crowdsale

December 6, 2017 6:44 am,

Currently, it can be noticed that “cryptocurrency” term is on everyone’s lips and the growth of the crypto community is getting more impressive. A large number of people enter the world of cryptocurrencies hoping to get an easy money. Of course, there areones who can easily receive a good return by selecting coins with a great potential and investing in successful start-ups. But unfortunately not everyone is capable of doing that.

In order to mitigate those risks, the number of projects has been created providing trust management services, access to educational materials, trade signals and analytics. But most of them have not been able to fully realize themselves or in fact represent fraudulent schemes. Therefore, experts from China, Russia and Kazakhstan have created the Taklimakan Network, a platform which solves these problems.

The Taklimakan platform aims to attract amateur investors providing them with new tools and an excellent knowledge base. For experienced traders and analysts, the project provides an opportunity to share their experience and to seek new opportunities by participating in the collective forecasting and also by helping newcomers in the effective capital management, earning rewards in the meantime.

The project deserves an attention both from amateur investors and the guru of the investment world, as it aims to unite social network and investments while bringing a unique and effective experience in managing the funds.The platform provides all the necessary tools for successful investment management and trading in the cryptocurrency world. Investment portfolios formed by experienced managers and selected on the basis of platform recommendations and user voting ratings will help to achieve the goals set by the participants in the shorter timeframe. Investment management service will be at a disposal of anyone interested in that tool.

Each platform user will be motivated by receiving  rewards in the Taklimakan Network tokens (TKLN) through providing specific services.The release of tokens will be accompanied by a crowdsale, during which participants will have an opportunity to purchase tokens with a 50% discount. The start of the pre-sale is scheduled for December 12th, 2017 at 10:00 UTC. The main goal of the crowdsale is to sell 550 million TKLN tokens equivalent to 36667 ETH. ETH cryptocurrency will be accepted to redeem the TKLN tokens. 1 ETH will be equal to 30 000 TKLN at the Pre-sale stage and 1 ETH – 15 000 TKLN at the ICO stage, which will start on January 20th, 2018 at 10:00 UTC. Unclaimed tokens from the crowdsale are subject to destruction immediately after the crowdsale procedure. The proceeds will be invested in the development of the project. More emphasize would be turned into the further development of the web infrastructure, marketing, legal and issues.

Taklimakan Network team strongly believes that the project will become one of the most popular and successful services for cryptocurrency trading and investments.


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