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Successlife: A payment mechanism for education.

Successlife: A payment mechanism for education.

May 7, 2018 8:42 am,

Successlife is a global digital marketplace for educational, personal, or professional development content accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. It uses SLTs token to receive payment for the content.

The education system is growing day by day throughout the world. It’s the cornerstone of human development. The education industry has become the most essential and income generated industry in the world and is under top priority for many Governments across the world. But due to low income and high educational cost students loan debt is increasing. As a result, professional college and university education have become increasingly unaffordable for the general population.

Successlife facilitates the people to seek education anytime, anywhere and on any device. People just enrol into the training program and certification courses to keep their skill sets up to date. This can be achieved with the help of Successlife token called as SLTs.

The Successlife Token is an open source cryptographic token, which is a general purpose Cryptocurrency powering transactions between the holders, the Success Resources group of companies and generally within the educational, personal and professional development sectors. Like other Cryptocurrency, Successlife Tokens will have a fixed supply, be transferable, and will be expected to trade on Cryptocurrency exchanges. Successlife Tokens will be implemented on our public Multichain blockchain. Multichain is a blockchain that tracks ownership of digital tokens or assets.

Successlife and SLTs has the following benefits:-

  • Exclusive premium content online hosted on Successlife.
  • Community created content offered on Successlife.
  • Third-party products and services offered by members of the Successlife Ecosystem.
  • Live workshops and seminars organized by Success Resources.
  • New Tycoon Plus commission-based rewards.
  • It benefits customers and contributors in the Successlife community by facilitating quick and secured payments through an online wallet, without incurring costly transactional fees.
  • The SLT blockchain ensures the security of the transactions for customers.
  • Entry to select Success Resources events will be offered exclusively to SLT holders.
  • Rewards and incentive programs for customers and contributors to the Successlife Ecosystem.

The aim of this platform is to create a single, seamless payment system for customers and suppliers from across the world without interference from Government, Banking, Payment Processing and other similar We aim to democratize the Personal and Professional Development sector and unify it under one common Cryptocurrency i.e. Successlife tokens.