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Spot’s new Cryptocurrency portfolio application

Spot’s new Cryptocurrency portfolio application

December 24, 2018 11:35 am,

Spot has developed a new Cryptocurrency mobile application that is designed to keep check on the entire portfolio of the user or the investor. It keeps all your wallets and Crypto stashes in one place. It looks like a portfolio tracking app.

Nowadays the investors of Cryptocurrency have to keep several wallets, and they need to remember plenty of email addresses, usernames, passwords and other data that are prone to get lost easily. There is also a risk of these wallets being hacked.

So Spot with its new app gives you all these facilities to keep your wallet and account safe from all the risk. It keeps all the accounts together to ensure that the information is easily traceable.

This application can be installed in both iOS and android phones.

When the investor install the app on his phone, spot immediately connects to all the Cryptocurrency wallets which the investors have by adding public addresses. It is not a problem if the currencies are stored in any hardware wallets, spot still can confirm the public details and add them to your dashboard. The dashboard has easy to read layout that offers investors an overview of all their holdings across all individuals’ wallets and services. Investors are enabled to check out detailed charts of their wallet funds and see which currencies can perform better than others. If the investor taps on the Spot logo itself, then he can see the maximum value of his portfolio if he cash out on exchanges with the highest prices of his tokens.

Spot application also includes a watch list to follow specific Crypto pairs, smart charts with live and historical prices on simple or double charts.

Spot allows customers to connect to any exchange with specific API keys. Presently it supports Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance and Poloniex and it stores pricing information of around 150 different Crypto pairings.