SP8DE – The Standard for Distributed Gaming

SP8DE – The Standard for Distributed Gaming

January 14, 2018 10:40 am,

January 11th, 2018 – The contemporary gaming industry is plagued with inefficiencies and is flawed by design: nothing that is online and centralized can be fully trusted to deliver what it claims. Even the presence of licenses and frequent audits cannot provide assurance: obtaining licenses is orchestrated on an industrial scale, while authorities and regulators have a strong track record of abusing people’s trust for their own benefit.

When it comes to big money, no one can be trusted; no one but the code. The code is unbiased and is not subject to greed; it is transparent and cannot be manipulated or abused in the decentralized setting. The Royal Flush can turn the poor into the king in a second, but in the online setting, who really shuffles the deck?

It is apparent to anyone familiar with properties of blockchains that they are fit-for-purpose to solve the problems of trust in the online casinos space. The answer is yes and no. While solving the problem with transparency and providing smart-contract based solutions for assuring the payouts, introducing blockchain creates a range of new issues. Firstly, blockchain is deterministic: there is no randomness that can be extracted from the block content and in the blockchain there is nothing but blocks. The scalability and game design issues comprise yet another set of problems blockchain-based casinos have to overcome.

In this press-release, we are proud to introduce Sp8de, the platform that is set to give an answer for every single issue that is known in the on-chain gaming space. Built on top of Cardano, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol, Sp8de will allow for the creation of distributed randomness that is fair by-design. Scalable and transparent, Sp8de will be entirely decentralized in every aspect of its design. Furthermore, Sp8de is a platform: anyone with a worthy idea can implement it as a DAPP, and broadcast it through the ecosystem. The economic incentives are set to facilitate the creation of applications: the developers will be paid a reward proportional to the popularity of their games.

In Sp8de, crowd is the only judge; the code is the law. In essence, our ecosystem will embody the ideals of the frictionless markets. Fair and transparent: Sp8de is designed to create a standard of quality.

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