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Sonder: Cryptocurrency for E-Commerce

Sonder: Cryptocurrency for E-Commerce

June 13, 2018 6:18 am,

Sonder is the blockchain based platform developed to overcome the barrier of the transaction in the e-commerce market. It provides easy integration of Cryptocurrency payment system for online-stores, fast transactions with zero fees and new standards of security through anonymity.

Nowadays purchases online have become a common business. People find it easy to purchase things online rather than going out shopping. This develops the e-commerce business. The mode of payment by Cryptocurrency for these transactions is still very difficult as people don’t know how to operate and they are not technologically friendly.

There comes the Sonder, as the solution for Cryptocurrency transaction problem. It simplifies the procedure of payments for goods and services by Cryptocurrency. It ensures anonymity, confidentiality, and speed of transactions.

Some of the benefits of Sonder are:-

  • It simplifies the procedure of payment for goods and services by cryptocurrencies. For this, there are set of tools SDK (software development kit) and API (application programming interface) which will allow connecting Cryptocurrency wallets in few clicks to online stores, trading platforms and other resources on the Internet.
  • Anonymous mode of Sonder Wallet with the implemented mechanism of obfuscation of transactions and encrypted chat guarantees absolute security for your deals. Fast transactions and zero fees will be provided in Sonder to make cryptocurrencies the most efficient payment means.
  • It makes convenient to enter and withdraw the fiat money through this platform. P2P service allows people from all over the world to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat and turn back with a minimum charge.
  • Fast transactions due to a high speed of forming blocks.

All transactions are paid in SNR-tokens. These are ERC20 based tokens. The majority of services within the framework of the platform will work using Sonder tokens. Sonder tokens are needed for the implementation of the purchase and sale of products or services.