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Soma – A Decentralized Social Marketplace

Soma – A Decentralized Social Marketplace

October 4, 2017 6:13 am,


Soma is a decentralized shared marketplace and it is as well called a blockchain based communal marketplace that chains the public by contributing rewards in a variety of a cryptocurrency for its users by working together publicly with a choice of features within the platform. It comprises normally recognized features and perceptions from customary shared media platforms and makes use of the blockchain technology to incentivize its users to publicly donate to its future. It is developed as a marketplace where users can firmly and dependable trade with each other in a decentralized platform. The platform support users to connect in assistance to offer members of the Soma population a console of a protected and speedy platform to trade with their preferred items. The Soma gratifying System guarantees that each user who supplies to the formation of the value is rewarded by Soma Community Token. SCT is a cryptographic token which is operated inside the society for rewarding and therefore facilitates the natural increase of the Soma community all through the world.

Interactive Item Card (IIC) can be described as a basic modernism of the project. IIC will produce the communal value which is build up all the way through a multiplicity of connections among the users and the IIC. IIC can be seen as a priceless innovation for the increasing period and collector items business. Though, it can be made used for the mass-produced objects as well as there are a variety of additional dimensions than the individuality of the article, such as the possessor record i.e. if the article has been possessed by a celebrity. The aim is that public would connect IIC soma with and will make this easy by providing an option to contribute to IICs outside the platform.

Soma’s major focus

Presently effort is put into the invention growth to acquire the innovative description of Soma iOS App released soon. In addition, the Team is arranging scientific white paper, which is available to be released at the newest in two weeks. The chief focus is presently in following a victorious ICO round to make sure the essential quantity of capital to put into practice the blockchain connected features for the platform. At the same time as previously in fairly superior stage concerning iOS product, recognize that marketing is one of the majority vital features of a victorious ICO round. Consequently, an approach to have extra tactical partnerships concern marketing in diverse regions of the world to amplify the conscious of people about the soma project.

These businesses, along with growing society, have enabled to be featured by main publications including The Huffington Post, Coinbase and The Next Web.

Subsequent to the ICO, the focus will be in mainstreaming the platform. ICO depositors are the early backers of the platform, and they will profit from the accumulation taking one of the platforms as the value of the SCT understand in line with the increasing command. Soma proposal will carry deposits in fiat currencies which can be altered to SCT to use the SRS as a system and bring payments right away throughout the world.