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SmartRE – The best way to earn extra by investing in real estate.

SmartRE – The best way to earn extra by investing in real estate.

September 6, 2017 5:38 am,

 A lot of people have invested in real estates. Whenever we ask about their investment, we always get an answer that is somewhat like ‘real estate or property. An ideal way to make some cash out of it would be to invest it in SmartRE. SmartRE is a decentralized, highly secured and democratized platform where US homeowners can liquidate some amount of their equity in homes without accruing debt of any kind. This is one of the safest ways of earning some extra cash. But why project it in Real Estate? That’s because Real Estate is something that everyone has a connection to. People either rent it or own it and the real estate market shows the economic prospect of the country or region.

All this brainstorming led to the development of SmartRE. SmartRE is an innovative project which puts the power back in the hands of the individuals. It is a platform which allows anyone with any amount of capital, from less than one USD to millions of USD, to be able to invest in US residential properties. This gives a great chance to the homeowner with the ability to unlock their equity investment in the property that is very powerful. SmartRE allows the buyers to invest in High-Demand areas that are currently not available through any other investment medium. SmartRE operates in such a way that homeowners can liquidate minority equity of their homes while buyers can invest at any level. This brings in the best of both worlds. With the ability to tokenize the amount of the liquidated real estate, anyone can invest at any amount be it 0.50 USD!

SmartRE has two main aspects. The first one is the homeowner. Whenever a homeowner wants to cash out their equity, a number of things have to be done such as a complete property search and a mandatory up-to-date homeowner’s insurance. An important point is that homeowners can only liquidate up to 49% of their equity share. This is because with the 49% cut-off, this way, the homeowner will have the majority owner of the property and, thus, would take incentives to take care of it. The second aspect is of the buyer which is pretty much straight forward. They just have to browse and select the property they are interested in.

Insurance is an important part of any real estate dealership. SmartRE ensures that utmost security is provided. It believes that in providing a holistic approach which is based on technology and insurance that all parties involved receive the maximum benefit from the platform. The tokens offered by SmartRE are specifically ERC20 tokens with the symbol of SRE. It will confer on the owner the right to transact within the system for a seventy-five percent discount! A total of 100 million SRE tokens will be supplied.