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Sinergia – ERC20 Token established

Sinergia – ERC20 Token established

October 25, 2017 5:36 am,


SINERGIA is an ERC20 Token established under the protocol of intelligent agreements of Ethereum with which will be able to:
Acquire assistance for the transaction in the main interactions. Create procurements in the online store, retrieving discounts and raises. Develop discounts on the e-learning policy when using it as resources of payment. Access to entrepreneurship funding programs. Contribute to international opportunities and meetings.

The trade of the tokens will have as impartial the supporting of the macro project that will be the creation of the first laboratory dedicated to the search and the expansion of solutions in Technology Blockchain in Latin America, a space where as well execution of the actions of the search and the balancing ones to the same, will pursue to encourage the merging of Blockchain Technology Latin America for it, will develop a stable meeting place for the exercise of the community in general.

Encompass the request to further appraisal the features of the project on the website, Social Networks, and Wire in English.
Request to join the payments movement and between all of us, encourage and combine this project with the region and the world.

The Institute of investigation and expansion Sinergia BLOCKCHAIN is a Colombian organization non-profit generated in order to encourage the progress of Blockchain technology to national, regional and global levels.

It is the demonstration of the influence of the funding of the project of the revenue as an Honorary Associate. Advanced under the Ethereum ERC20 Protocol, it can be used as incomes of Exchange in the exchanges or buy goods and services official among others. The generation of value is organized in the characteristic of instant usability, driven by actions of electronic commerce, e-learning, and entrepreneurship.

The scheme aims in general to develop 6 supports, which are:

Construct a multifaceted of 1300 square meters, which will help as a local and global space for actions that inspire the education, training and information technology Blockchain and the cryptocurrency. In this composite work the additional 5 supports.

The formation of the chief laboratory of technology blockchain in Latin America, with which it is supposed to progress, develop and modernize, products intended to mitigate and decide social difficulties in all fields (fitness, schooling, flexibility, security, political, democracy, management, economy, and finance, etc…).

To sustenance entrepreneurship, great rates of unemployment produced an alternative quantity of social difficulties; Sinergia Blockchain declares that the finest way of ending this problem is encouraging and associating entrepreneurship in all regions.

Generate the chief global school of trading and crypto trading; the dealing could develop a main source of revenue for the folks of Latin America and the world.

Drive the E-learning scheme, virtual preparation, subjects that permit expansion and development, financial and individual families.

The formation of an online store that will permit the exchange of goods and services, with cryptocurrencies for example ETH, BTC and Sinergia SNG token.