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ShelterDAO: First step towards Crypto Community

ShelterDAO: First step towards Crypto Community

June 6, 2018 12:33 pm,

ShelterDAO is the project that creates and maintains cashless crypto hub community around the world by using NEM blockchain technology.  It uses SMT & Mosaic Exclusive Membership (MEM) to give lifetime access to ShelterDAO communities.

In today’s scenario average hotel measures revenue based on square footage, occupancy, hidden fees and shareholders profit, seeing guests as data instead of focusing on guest involvement and experience. This affects the customer’s feedback and the revenue and profit of the hospitality industry.

ShelterDAO is the solution to all the above problems. It creates a platform which initiates cashless payments for time-stay, goods, and services. Members of ShelterDAO can use Cryptocurrency at any of our communities including restaurants and shops.

There is use of NEM blockchain technology, to decentralize guest data, Cryptocurrency payment systems, security, and Internet of Things (IOT). NEM is quick to set up, scalable and the most secure blockchain technology for this project. All types of services and amenities will be present and provided in this project. Some of these are: Internet access, coffee, clean towel and linen service, etc. along with customized amenities per unique location. The rooms are specifically designed to be both extremely comfortable and fully functional, connected to the crypto hub.

There are 4 types of shelters which are available in this project:-

  • Shelter 1: It contains a king or two double beds, small fridge and a flat screen TV and a large desk with a fully integrated tech station.
  • Shelter 2: Each room features a king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds, a sofa for additional seating, small fridge and a flat screen TV and a large desk with a fully integrated tech station.
  • Shelter 3: Features a cozy king bed, a large desk with a fully integrated tech station, a separate seating space, small fridge and a flat screen TV. Plenty of space to get work done or lounge around.
  • Shelter 4: Comfortable king bed. A separate seating area and guest bathroom, ensure your privacy when entertaining. Stocked kitchenette and a full sized bathroom and work easily from a large desk with a fully integrated tech station.

This platform uses SMT token to make payments of goods and services.  It provides real value that can be used in everyday life for access to lodging, food, services and entertainment at any ShelterDAO location. The exchange value of one SMT is equal to one XEM. ShelterDAO Wallet App is an app set up to easily transfer Shel Mosaic Token (SMT) directly from mobile devices using NEM Blockchain Technology. SMT can be sent from any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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