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ShelterDAO: A New Change

ShelterDAO: A New Change

August 9, 2018 6:45 am,

The SHEL generates a community of blockchain using NEM technology which is used to decentralize the cryptocurrency system payments, guest data, security and internet of things IOT. It creates a hybrid platform with physical locations that exist around the world. The token is a utility token used as a platform to book and host real estate for zero platform fees, and are exchangeable for goods and services at any future community.

Tools are provided for anyone to use a shell and use it to book for goods and services at any of its community. The main goal is to empower people across the world to easily and securely choose a destination and connect with other pioneers.


  • The first stage is a development of the user and host platform. This will be used for anyone to register as a user and allow token holders to book dwellings with the platform fee reduced by 50% when using tokens.
  • The host can list the dwellings on this platform and get cryptocurrency in exchange. The host has to pay 0.5% hosting fee when accepting SHEL and other cryptocurrencies the host fee is 1% of the total listing. The user can book a dwelling in a community. The user will pay 1.5% booking fee when using BTC, LTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies the booking platform fee is 3% of the total booking.
  • Next is the development of the first community in Mexico, using NEM blockchain technology for the purpose of running as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Dwellings and services will also be available at each community and integrated with the wallet app for a full cryptocurrency and cashless destination experience.

Eco crypto communities

Our goal is to build and maintain eco-responsible areas and communities. One major tool we use is a 3D construction printer. By combining this technology with our project, together we are able to build communities in a fast, responsible and eco-friendly way.


shelterDAO will offer different levels of shelter areas, with prices varying based on location and size. At each community, all of the services will be present and provided like internet access, coffee etc. along with customized feature and services per each different and unique location.