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Sharpe Capital, take money for your investment opinions.

Sharpe Capital, take money for your investment opinions.

November 6, 2017 6:20 am,

We all know how even a slightest economic movement worldwide has its effect on the equity exchanges. Here, at Sharpe Capital, all you need is to study the fluctuation-causing and trending data over these topics, give your opinions and take Ether coins home.

The platform aims to be the latest glowing standard for hedge funds, and it wants to provide for an entirely decentralized blockchain technology supported and governed by the community engaged. This organization has the need to be one in which key governance decisions are made by the community through both consensus-based and democratic votes, managed totally in a trustless manner.

Some key features of this capital unit are stated below:

  • Crowdsourced asset sentiment: On the Ether lines, the users are already provided with substantial news and they just have to predict positive or negative results. Just by this, they are being rewarded in Ether.
  • Artificial Neural Networks: Known as ANNs, they work on the principle of the human brain. Hence, they help the system at their core Machine Learning modeling algorithm which looks at the patterns for financial data and news.
  • Natural Language Processing: With the help of NLP, this system combines with social media channels and popular online media outlets, of which it constantly keeps monitoring market sentiment in real-time.
  • Network analysis: Network clustering helps the system to bifurcate, understand the various asset classes and group the similar kind of assets and hence, constantly make way for a well-diversified portfolio.
  • Fundamental analysis: Majorly driven by micro and macroeconomic data, they have developed their models in a way so as to ascertain the price prediction for a variety of assets spread across different time horizon.
  • Low-cost cloud architecture: Making use of the latest and greatest tools in the world of cloud computing helps the system to keep their costs to a minimum by leveraging a few services.

Now comes the token theory:

Symbol: SHP

Pre-sale start date: November 6, 2017

Minimum deposit for pre-sale: $10,000 USD

Pre-sale discount rate ranges from 10%-30%.

SHP tokens reward value: 2,000 SHP per ETH. (Same for crowd sale)

Crowd sale start date: November 13, 2017

Purchase assistance:

The funds raised via the SHP token distribution will be utilized for:

  • Investment Capital= 55%
  • Development and Ops= 20%
  • Marketing= 10%
  • Legal= 10%
  • Ether and Liquidity Reserve= 5%