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Security plus Cloud token sale, world’s first ever cyber security ICO.

Security plus Cloud token sale, world’s first ever cyber security ICO.

October 20, 2017 7:24 am,

Security plus Cloud -Security plus Cloud’s foresight is to reach amongst the top 10 cyber security companies in the world. With a primary vision in their workings, it wants to capture 1% of $1 trillion cyber security market by 2021.

In comparison to the other cyber security providers in the market, it provides for more than 100 solutions. To name a few we have, from managed endpoint security to managed network security to managed cloud security to counter cyber terrorism to cyber security training to hacking to managed security operations centre to SCADA security, etc.

In order to develop unique cyber solutions and launch Security Operations Solutions around the world, the SPC team needs revenues. For this reason, SPC tokens are to be issued. Their first cyber security pre-sale commences from November 1, 2017, and follows for 12 days after which. It will recommend a token allocation based on contributions in Ether and Bitcoins.

Further information on the pre-sale includes:

Tokens to be issued on pre-sale= 50000000 SPC

1 ETH= 300 SPC

1 BTC= 4500 SPC

Minimum transaction amount= 0.1 ETH



The expenses of the SPC system are bifurcated as:

Worldwide Security Operations Centre’s= 40%

Cyber Security Staff= 25%

Marketing and Business Development= 18%

OPEX= 7%

Legal= 7%

ETH Reserve= 5%

After the sale is completed, these tokens will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure liquidity. The SPC tokens will then be consumed as a payment method to purchase SPC cyber security solutions

The genuineness of the SPC cell can be noted from the following points:

  • Founders with 20+ years of experience in the international cyber security field.
  • Real and existing customer relationships with leading brands and government agencies.
  • 100+ real solutions, which is more than any cyber security platform worldwide.
  • 10 years of solid growth strategy across the globe.
  • Not a science fiction like other ICOs.

This security cell spreads from various industries like real estate, education, food and agriculture, telecommunications, legal, healthcare, utilities, and energy etc

A drawback arises for businesses to invest in exorbitantly charged cyber security solutions. However, SPC’s constant investment in the well qualified cyber experts and elastic hardware has made way for the enterprises and other users to be way ahead of complex cyber security threats.

The below-attached picture indicates why SPC is of great advantage and why governments and organizations need SPC:

Cyber Security is a necessity, not a “good to have”.