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SALT Lending – Hold the assets, acquire the cash

SALT Lending – Hold the assets, acquire the cash

November 29, 2017 6:40 am,


SALT is an association based on lending and borrowing set of connections that permit users to influence their blockchain possessions to make safe cash loans. On the SALT proposal, users can gain loans by means of their cryptocurrency assets as the guarantee. With this, users can control the value of assured digital assets, thus giving them right to use cash, making up for tax events, keeping away from exchange fees and maintaining their extended position in the benefit they hold.

Users require obtaining SALT tokens in order to contribute to the policy and gain loans. The additional SALTLending tokens users’ use each year, the better amount of borrowings they can attain. With the SALT proposal, users can attain liquidity from their cryptocurrency holdings without advertising them, just like another conventional asset curriculum such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities.

SALTLending is complete security based, which means that the borrower’s credit history is insignificant. Whichever user’s security has the same worth to lenders as anyone else on the proposal in spite of each user’s credit score.


Having a loan of money or assets using cryptocurrency is getting extra trendy (see loaning cryptos on Ploniex and Bitfinex). Because cryptos are growing in price, plenty of users would desire to get fiat with no spending their crypto.  By means of the blockchain for providing money doesn’t have much opposition yet. Salt has a physically powerful well-known team. Erik Voorhees, CEO & Founder of ShapeShift, is Board Director. It has planned associates like ShapeShift, Exodus, Jaxx and Taas. It has previously reserves from business enterprise capital firms.The price of SALT will be not less than $10 after the preliminary sale.

Saltlending is blockchain backed credit. They have prospect strategy to amplify both the numeral of assets and fiat you can put up and be given.Because of SALT you don’t have to put up for sale your possessions in order to increase some liquidity, you can get money for your assets, and at the end of the loan, conditions get your assets back.