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Safinus, the shield for your crypto wealth.

Safinus, the shield for your crypto wealth.

December 4, 2017 6:31 am,

Safinus is a cryptocurrency platform helping the newcomers to start investing in the profitable cryptocurrencies and the ICO portfolios in just a few clicks here and there. Along with this, the platform provides for experienced investors to significantly increase their capitals and wealth and manage their traded volumes further. The professional traders get access to attract new clients and pull funds on a global scale.

In detail,

At this current blooming crypto phase, more and more people want to invest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The market being it’s usual is highly complicated and not easy for the common investor to gain the appropriate study and knowledge required to begin investing.

Many professional traders and funds operating in the market make colossal gains through appropriate set up of their portfolios. They already have been working with a number of clients. However, the problem that arises is that they are unable to acquire new clients because it is difficult for them to prove their profitability and develop a legal relationship amongst them.

Here comes Safinus in the picture. It greatly eliminates these limitations and brings together all interested parties, providing them with everything that is required for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

The components of the platform comprise of:

  • Portfolio mechanism
  • Private Trust Cryptoassets Management
  • Cryptocurrency and ICO Community Voting System
  • Portfolio Rating Based on Blockchain-proved Profitability
  • Technical Analysis and Strategy Automation Tools
  • Internal Cryptoexchange

More details here:

The various advantages of this platform include:

For already existing and experienced investors, traders, and funds:

  • Increasing the amount of managed funds.
  • Globalization of activities.
  • Automated asset management strategies.
  • The ability for traders to provide proof of profitability to investors, improving their credibility and appeal.
  • Ability to setup asset management conditions that trader is comfortable with.
  • Portfolio diversification with fiat currencies and traditional stock market instruments.

For newcomers to the crypto market:

  • There is no need to understand the operating mechanisms underlying the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s.
  • Investors are faced with significantly smaller entry barriers.
  • Investors can verify that the earnings reported by a trader or fund are in fact authentic.
  • Zero chance of falling victim to fraudulent actions and fund allocations by traders or fund managers.
  • Every portfolio holds the trader’s funds as well. Therefore, motivates the managers to manage the assets responsibly and proactively.
  • Investments only in authentic ICOs that have been approved and verified by the whole community of traders.
  • Investors can access their funds at any time.

Token details are as follows:

These are utility tokens that will be used to access the Safinus platform and which can also be used as a means to pay for commissions for using the platform.

Token symbol: SAF

Platform: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC 20

Hard cap: 16000000 USD

Issue price in ICO: 1 SAF= 1 USD

Pre ICO dates: 2nd February 2018 to 12th February 2018

ICO dates: 13th March 2018 to 13th April 2018

Get to know more:

The main objectives behind the ICO are to buyback funds, liquidate funds, develop the platform, carry out international marketing to bring newcomers, and meet legal expenses.

Taking crypto investments to the next level!