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March 16, 2018 8:37 am,

We always say that the world is advancing in technology, almost everyone is indulged in using smartphones, tablets, laptops and basically the internet. But one has never wondered or asked where the internet is coming from, yes, it is coming from the routers and satellites but overall, doesn’t that use electricity to work about. So, the underlying statement here is that ‘electricity’ is the father of technology; the backbone and the brains; the oxygen of the tech savvy world. All the addiction to the internet and other constraints have increased the use of unnecessary electricity. This requires a substantial investment in new infrastructure and a smarter use of the existing ones. This is where Robotina jumps in. with 28 years of experience, it delivers state of art technology delivered right to our households and businesses.

Robotina is a platform that uses smart rules, Artificial Intelligence and mainly, a blockchain technology to run. The combination of all these three main elements allows us to disrupt the electricity market and implement a sharing economy business model. The platform will be connected to Internet of Things (IoT) which will execute thousands of calculations per second resulting in small amounts of benefits and revenue which will later be accumulated every second. The best benefit Robotina gives to the Corporate world is that as large companies connect to the Robotina platform, our Cognitive Optimization System will help in reducing the energy used by these companies and the maintenance expenses are to be estimated at 30%. Apart from selling the products directly, Robotina works with over 15 distributors and system integrators all around the world, which in the end sell and promote its products.

Robotina promotes Internet of Things (IoT), a concept that represents a true digital transformation including the connection of things, which communicates via internet, people, processes and data all through the value chain. The use of Artificial Intelligence gives a big hand in the development of Robotina. Its fast development and wide availability effects every process in the activities. Here, AI is used to build and improve models which allows Robotina to predict consumption. Robotina’s token is called the Robotina Utility Token (ROX). The ICO starts on 1st May, 2018. 70% of the tokens will be distributed among the ICO supports, 10% among the team members, 7% to the marketing, 5% to Angel investors, 3% as bounty fund, 3% as market and product development and 2% to Escrow.