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Robotina “the future of electrical energy”

Robotina “the future of electrical energy”

April 10, 2018 6:04 am,

Robotina is an European based company with 28 years of experience in energy control and management. It is a developing platform which combines the three technologies- Internet of things, Artificial intelligence and Blockchain and revolutionizes the traditional power network. It’s a new technology of designing and operating the electrical power system with the objective of improving efficiency, increasing service quality and saving costs in power generation, distribution and consumption. With the development of the robotina platform (developed over the last 28 years), community members will be able to collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy. It reduces energy expenses and yields on energy saving cost by 30%.  And also contributes to a greener environment, power and data are among the basic necessities in this digital age. In addition to working to reduce power consumption, robotina manages the IoT devices consumer use. This way, they can efficiently collect and process anonymous data of users. The team at Robotina has developed an Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device; a smart Internet of Things module that senses your energy usage, connecting this information back to robotina. But this is not just about data collection, robotina can operate your energy system remotely, switching appliances on when the price is lowest, turning them off when they are not in use, and optimizing savings for you by using local weather forecasts to predict when your heating or air conditioning needs to be on. Their EMS has clear implication and applications for homes, buildings, businesses, retail, and manufacturing.

People can buy the ROX tokens of the company by participating in the Initial Coin Offering. The pre-sale begins on February 20 and it will last till April 30, but the pre-sale will end up during March and the prices of the ROX tokens will get more expensive with time. The bonuses will be 10% during the pre-sale and 5% during the sale of the first 7 million ROX tokens of the main sale.


The first step in the process at consumer level involves robotina’s proprietary energy based IoT device, after receiving robotina’s unique Energy Management System (EMS) device, consumers can start reducing their consumption by monitoring and optimizing their entire usage cycles. The EMS device collects data that is used to benefit the user by optimizing consumption patterns through their unique AI implementations, users earn the platform’s native token through group energy purchases and data sales, which they can use for additional services provided by robotina.