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Ripple hired Van Dyke Former Facebook Executive as New Vice President

Ripple hired Van Dyke Former Facebook Executive as New Vice President

July 17, 2018 6:45 am,

The company behind the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ripple has recently employed senior vice president of business and corporate development, Kahina Van Dyke as the new according to an official statement on July 11. At this new position at ripple as senior vice president, Kahina Van Dyke will be responsible for providing strategic partnerships for international financial services, focusing on the development of “a new global technology solution for international payments.” to the Ripple.

Kahina Van Dyke has joined Ripple to “Remove the friction in cross-border payments” by “establishing partnerships and applying technology to change an industry,” she said this in a press news.

When it was asked that what is “the most challenging issue in payments today,” Kahina Van Dyke noted the system which is used in Ripple are an outdated system of cross-border transactions, claiming that it is “one of the most multifaceted and complex problems in payments today.” Kahina Van Dyke said that the current global payment system, which was built almost 40 years ago, “no longer meet’s the real-time needs of business today and they are many hackers who can hack this system.”

Ripple new senior vice president, Kahina Van Dyke mentioned the importance to provide company, as well as individuals, with a way of transacting “small and large amounts of money faster and at lower cost,” stating that the system should be “more nimble and transparent” than the one developed for large corporate transactions “decades past.”

Kahina Van Dyke present Vice President of Ripple has more than 20 years of experience in banking and fintech and has held prominent positions at Facebook and Mastercard. In her LinkedIn profile, Kahina Van Dyke served as Global Director of Financial Services and Payment Partnerships at Facebook for two years, developing new solutions of payment and financial services. While working at Facebook, Kahina Van Dyke managed partnerships with such major companies as Visa, PayPal, Western Union, Citibank, and others, has provided financial solutions for 50 countries across the world.