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Ricona- the Platform that lets you Switch

Ricona- the Platform that lets you Switch

March 9, 2018 7:02 am,

Everyone must have heard about the Crypto world and Cryptocurrencies by now. This had been the latest trend of 2017 with a 300% growth in Bitcoins. The rise in the latest modification of technology, there are a number of various blockchains offering different types of cryptocurrencies for investment. These currencies are all in the loop with all the types of virtual coins like Ethereum and Bitcoins. This led to the development of Ricona, an industry-leading online trading platform which uses high-class security protocols allowing a hassle free trading experience. Ricona is unlike any other platform. The most highlighted feature of Ricona is that you can switch your currency here.

Ricona allows the users to switch from their holding cryptocurrency to any other cryptocurrency of their choice. For example is a user is holding Ethereum with Ricona and discover that Bitcoins is trending, Ricona allows and enables you to change to Bitcoin with just a few clicks here and there. Ricona also gives you a low lending maturity proof. No other platform allows you to withdraw all your investments in just 30 days. As cryptocurrency is gradually being accepted in various countries, individuals can use Ricona Coins to transfer funds or buy goods and services online and businesses can use it to invest it in new findings.

Ricona Coins are represented by the symbol of RCA. A total supply of 28,000,000 RCA are there. The Initial Coin Offering starts on the 11th February, 2018 at 3 PM. 1 RCA is equal to $0.69 (USD). Only 9,100,000 coins will be available for the ICO. The first round (11th Feb – 15th Feb) of the ICO will give 30% discount, the second round (15th Feb – 22nd Feb) will also give 30% discount, round 3 (22nd Feb – 1st March) will give 18% discount, round 4 (1st March – 8th March) will give 10% discount and finally in the last round, no discounts will be given. The ICO distribution is as 40% to the RCA investors, 25% to the Developers, 25% to the Marketing department and the remaining 10% for maintenance.