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Refereum – Get paid to watch and play video games

Refereum – Get paid to watch and play video games

October 30, 2017 7:00 am,


Refereum’s open-market method eliminates the permissible prices of personalized promotion deals though building digital marketing traders extraneous. As an alternative hire marketing resources go to additional publicity business, it funds engagement for cash awards in the gaming communal and allows greater achievement of fresh players. This straightly joins these assemblies, permitting gamers to create cash sharing and playing video games, influencers to successfully monetize their followings, and studios to exploit the competence of publicizing spend and player engagement. The RFR usefulness token is distributed referral marketing and cash reward policy that explains these difficulties.

Refereum is a technology business originated by game commerce experts with the objective of bonding satisfied inventors and dealers by means of the Ethereum blockchain. It avoids old-fashioned publicity businesses and another composite, legislative or geopolitical limit, to funnel billions of promoting dollars into the hands of gamers and online gaming behaviors.

Refereum’s squad covers overall different game commercial perspectives from organizations, for example, Zynga and Google. In addition to collecting an inspiring team, It is directed by the noticeable broadcast facility, Twitch, and Unity, the world’s greatest widespread game expansion policy. Specific associates of RFR’s essential team have done their individual update recently too. Keen agreement plan Oleksii Matiiasevych procured subtitles in July after completely refining millions of dollars from hackers, subsequent the well-publicized multi-sig action calamity. In addition, it has pooled with Ambisafe. That is documented for their excessive instant work with cryptocurrency beloveds such as Tether, Chronobank, and further.

Refereum is currently ordering to host an ICO, set to prompt on November 13th, 2017. They will place 25,000,000 RFR service tokens up for a deal at an early rate of $1 per token, with primary application decreases also available for complicated funders. Gamers, designers, and blockchain followers identical are demanded to initiate to RFR’s newsletter at refereum for all future apprise and statements.

The Refereum cryptocurrency consumptions blockchain technology to bypass outdated marketing corporations and multifaceted legislative and geopolitical limits, fluctuating over $100 billion in publicity income from companies to allocate to different game players.  Straight repayment influencers, and gamers. For encouraging and playing video games — rather unachievable for most influencers.


Refereum cuts out the marketing distributor by openly fulfilling influencers and gamers to encourage and play video games. It practices the blockchain to openly join inventors and influencers, causing in minor marketing costs and improved incomes for the whole world. In addition to extra actual development, reinforces appointment by proposing cash rewards — allowing payments for whatever from an in-game great score to an eSports outstanding award. Functioning carefully with Twitch and Unity, and everybody can perform open-source demonstration these days.