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Reddit Turns Against Hopeful Female Bitcoin Coder

Reddit Turns Against Hopeful Female Bitcoin Coder

February 13, 2018 8:54 am,

Reddit Turns Against Hopeful Female Bitcoin Coder

It is not infrequent for teens to generate cryptocurrency-related applications. Any effort made in this concern wants to be applauded first and leading. This is particularly true when females start to show a notice in Bitcoin and other related currencies. In the case of Harshita Arora, her first practice with a Bitcoin application has not been excessively optimistic. In fact, it seems all of Reddit decided to chew her out because of this specific application.

Cryptocurrency price tracking applications are relatively popular these days. A lot of people need to keep close tabs on how the markets are developing at all times. It is uncertain why a portion of the Reddit community revolved their negative attention to Harshita’s application. Though her application works just fine, people basically didn’t purchase her story in the slightest. No one considers a 16-year-old female can build a cryptocurrency price tracking application, for a particular cause.

Certain commentaries even went to the extent that uttering how she isn’t a 16-year-old girl at all. Instead, the app is professed as a massive scam by an anonymous male to vend the application as much as probable. With so much attention for this app on Reddit, it is indeed possible a reasonable few sales have been made in the procedure. Harshita obtains a lot of threats ranging from rape warnings to hateful emails and even the “plagiarization” comment. All of her productiveness is not respected by Redditors.

Harshita Arora has a major placement at Salesforce on her take up again. She also took part in an MIT summer program, which offers an appreciated learning skill. Her Crypto Price Tracker entirely for iOS is accessible for iPhone users currently.

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