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PreVUE: Change in digital advertising.

PreVUE: Change in digital advertising.

June 11, 2018 6:35 am,

PreVUE is the artificial intelligence based blockchain introduced in early 2017 that brings the transformation in the area of digital advertising. It creates an ecosystem where all participants are fairly compensated through the distribution of SDA Tokens based on smart contract fulfillment. The main objective of this platform is to benefit all the parties involved in advertising circle.

The problems in the traditional digital advertising are:-

  • Viewers of advertisements are given nothing as they view the ads.
  • There are too many middlemen between publishers and advertisers that take the share of revenue.
  • Lack of transparency in traffic evaluation process.
  • Mismatch of data between publishers and advertisers, resulting in different feedback.

Dash Bid provides a solution for this growing multi-ten billion dollar market in the form of PreVUE Blockchain.

PreVUE consist of three parties- Publisher, Ad-buyers, and the Viewer.  They all need to be compensated. PreVUE gives the ownership of virtual individual to that individual itself. The viewer has to register. In that registration, he needs to set up a wallet in which he receives tokens as he views ads. It guarantees trust and transparency between advertisers and publishers.

Three parties involved:-

  • Viewer– Own the Virtual Identity and set the price advertisers to pay to put ads. He Receives tokens at a general rate.
  • Publisher– They receives right prices for whitelisted and validated sites and advertising opportunities.
  • Advertisers- Buy without hesitation in a market with validated sites, advertising opportunities, and audience. Access the most engaged and authentic audiences and destinations with certainty.

The Safe Digital Advertising (SDA) Token

The PreVUE Blockchain ecosystem is a safe environment for the buying and selling of digital media. This environment is securely accessed through the SDA Token as the only means of exchange within the platform.  The viewers receive these tokens in their wallet as they watch the ads.