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Power Ledger Creates Inroads in the US Energy Trading Area

Power Ledger Creates Inroads in the US Energy Trading Area

February 9, 2018 7:20 am,

Power Ledger Creates Inroads in the US Energy Trading Area

The earlier few months have been exciting for Power Ledger. After effectively finishing their ICO, the team is moving forward at a faster step. They also profit from the advanced Bitcoin value associated with when their crowd sale was live. With a few extra funds to use, things can move forward a bit earlier. So far, Power Ledger has established: a $30m windfall due to the increasing Bitcoin price. Moreover, the money upraised through Ethereum and Litecoin is also gaining in value.

At the same time, the dropping prices haven’t done the company any favors. A lot more income was made when Bitcoin hit $18,000 and more. That price point is not maintainable as of right now, but the markets are gradually improving. Power Ledger isn’t resistant to cryptocurrency volatility, yet it doesn’t hinder their commercial so far. Things are falling into place, partially thanks to the new company with Helpanswers. Bringing blockchain to clean energy transaction is a very positive growth for all parties involved.

Without a beneficial platform and organization, Power Ledger won’t get too far. Most of the money upraised during the ICO are used to make the platform obtainable on a global basis. There is still a lot of work to be done in this concern. Transforming peer-to-peer energy trading will not occur overnight at all. Helpanswers will show to be an appreciated partner in this concern. This non-profit objective to extend the idea of clean energy across the United States. Numerous hundreds of sites in the US can deliver mutual 50-megawatt hours of solar power. Moreover, there is room for 50-megawatt hours of battery energy storage as well.


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