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Plaza: Assistance to e-commerce business model.

Plaza: Assistance to e-commerce business model.

May 11, 2018 10:19 am,

Plaza system is the total blockchain commerce (b commerce) solution. It enables buyers to browse quickly and conveniently and shop for the best deal across the internet, anytime and anywhere. It includes the merchant chain, blockchain commerce, e-commerce infrastructure and a freedom lifestyle. Freedom lifestyle is a suite of products that a buyer is already familiar with, such as online shopping, mobile application, debit card, and smart speakers. These are connected to merchant chain. This blockchain doesn’t require any knowledge and special skills to enjoy the benefit.

To have a great lifestyle, convenience, security, and accessibility are the main focus point of a buyer in the area of e-commerce. In the traditional e-commerce business model, sellers charge higher prices from the consumers, expenses of infrastructure and shareholders demand to keep on rising, the presence of an intermediary to process credit or debit card transactions adds to the cost. There is always a question of security in online transactions. To handle and solve these problems in the e-commerce business model, Plaza system comes into place.

Plaza helps the sellers bypass the cost associated with centralized platforms, as well as enable them to sell directly to the consumers without involving unnecessary middlemen. It ensures security in the transactions. It uses its Cryptocurrency known as Plaza dollar. Plaza dollar is tethered to a basket of world currency and commodities. Once registered customers have access to the suite of freedom lifestyle products. Plaza also assists buyers for easy Cryptocurrency transactions without any deep learning by using plaza wallet which will synchronize with plaza debit card.

Features of plaza system can be described as below:-

  • It is the single place to buy anything in the whole world – There is a blockchain based e-commerce platform is known as Plaza market, in which sellers market directly their products and buyers can easily compare prices and quality through
  • Mobile and Desktop apps – Plaza wallet can be operated from both android and ios mobile devices. Buyers can easily pay for goods and services offered within plaza market both in-store and online.
  • Multicurrency client-side encrypted wallet- Plaza wallet implements a decentralized, secure, peer to peer, synchronized and backed up multi-currency wallet with the clean and easy interface.
  • Smart speakers and personal assistant- Plaza concierge is Amazon Alexa enabled smart speaker that supports user interactions and notifications.
  • Debit card for transactions- Plaza card enables easy transactions and payments to any merchants. The users of this debit card can withdraw local currency at any affiliated ATM. The amount will be debited from plaza wallet.
  • Private communication via Plaza chatbot- It enables easy conversation between buyers and merchants, enquiring about the orders etc within no time.

The main objective of this platform is to reduce the transaction cost for both buyers and sellers, which facilitates more efficient marketplace for everyone and cheaper products.